Top 5 Goals Your Business Can Achieve with CRM

By Rob Binns | Senior Writer

Customer Service Management (CRM) software can help your business gain and convert more leads and make a higher annual profit.

To ensure that you are getting the most out of your CRM software, you’ll need to work out and consolidate a strategy, and certain goals and targets beforehand so you know whether or not your chosen CRM solution is helping you hit them, or hindering your progress. These goals can be either short-term or long-term – or both – and they will differ between companies.

Here are the 5 most popular goals companies can set for their CRM systems. If these sound like objectives that your business is striving towards, installing a competent CRM system is vital to achieve them.

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Top 5 CRM Goals and Objectives

1 – Customer Satisfaction

Every company needs their customers to be satisfied. Satisfied customers are more likely to return to make further purchases, as well as to promote a company’s good name and recommend services to others.

Customers more than ever want to feel engaged with the companies that they are dealing with, one way CRM can help with this is through contact management. Contact management software allows you to track each customer interaction, so your customers feel like you personally remember every interaction you have had with them. This gives your client a more enjoyable, personalised customer experience and can be the key to smoothing sales.

2 – Become More Efficient

Implementing CRM software helps your customer service team react to customer queries and concerns more quickly and efficiently, which will boost productivity as well as customer satisfaction. In sales and marketing departments, CRM can even help track all leads and campaigns from beginning to end, making the entire process more effective.

3 – Produce Better Marketing Campaigns

As well as making the process of conducting a marketing campaign easier, CRM software can also help you design the most efficient campaign. With the data provided by these various campaigns, you will have an extremely well-rounded view of what makes certain audiences tick and what doesn’t. By knowing your target market and how your audience responds to communications, you will be able to easily segment your customers to produce more effective marketing campaigns.

CRM data can enable you to quickly profile target groups which may be not be performing as well as they could be, in order to try and boost this area of your business, with the goal of increasing profits.

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4 – Attract New Customers

CRM software will discover useful information about your customer base and allow you to work out where there are gaps that need to be filled. Exploring the reasons why customers fail to make purchases or why they do not rate your company’s services can help you adapt new policies and techniques which will help you attract new customers.

5 – Boost Sales

Improving the way your business operates and how customers interact with it, while producing effective marketing campaigns, will help with people’s perception of your business. It will also encourage new sales while accounting for a higher level of customer retention.

One of many examples of CRM software helping increase sales would be Advanced Business Equipment, who boosted their sales activity by 10% in only 3 months after installing SugarCRM.

The Perfect CRM Supplier for Your Goals

Figuring out and defining your goals will set you on the path to finding the right CRM supplier. Below you will find a list of some of our top choices when it comes to CRM software, so while you may be looking for a specific function or feature, check this list but fill out the form at the top of the page too so that you can receive supplier quotes bespoke to your goals, budget and company size.

SupplierPricingBusiness SizeBest ForCompare Prices
InsightlyFrom £9/month/user paid annually, £12/month/user paid monthlySmall and growing businessesCustomer service and satisfactionGet Quotes
HighriseFrom £18/month for up to six usersSmall businessesImproved efficiency and relationship managementGet Quotes
HubSpotFrom £140/monthSmall, medium, and large companiesBetter marketing campaignsGet Quotes
SageFrom £30/user/monthSmall and medium companiesFor new customersGet Quotes
ForceManagerFrom £15/user/monthFreelancers to enterprisesBoosted salesGet Quotes


For customer satisfaction

Insightly offers great software for managing your contacts. Each customer touch point is recorded and organised into timelines, making them easier to track. Subsequently, customer issues are dealt with promptly and customer satisfaction improves.

Popular sites like reddit use Insightly CRM, though it is more than able in helping smaller companies develop. From the advertising industry to the manufacturing industry, countless business owners attest to Insightly’s marketing capabilities.


For better efficiency

Highrise makes it easy to track contacts and share them with team members, sharing not only the information but also the notes that go with it. The CRM software gives each employee insight into conversations other employees have had with specific contacts to avoid duplicate efforts or user errors.

Highrise has been lauded by professionals as an inexpensive CRM solution. Commenting mainly on the ease of use and simplicity of the software, users can quickly learn and master the CRM’s dashboard so they can get on with managing their sales and marketing efforts more efficiently.


For better marketing campaigns

For software that can help your business through the entire marketing process, HubSpot is a great choice. HubSpot can setup automated marketing protocols, such as follow-up or special offer emails, which can leave your team with more time to concentrate on profitable leads.

With numerous awards to certify its quality, HubSpot is a CRM provider that cannot be ignored. Many marketing and sales professionals have praised the software, highlighting its powerful email automation tools as well as its abilities when used as an all-in-one marketing and sales software solution.

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For new customers

One of Sage’s key features is opportunity management. Sage specialise in small and medium businesses who are growing their customer base so the software is designed to scale up as your company expands.

Used by county councils such as Suffolk and Stockton-on-Tees, Sage CRM is another solution with the ability to transform a business. Its deployment across various sectors – from construction and engineering to I.T. services and banking – not only proves its versatility, it highlights the software’s value and usefulness across a wide range of customers.


For boosted sales

With a focus on sales automation and analytics, ForceManager is a great CRM solution for both national and international companies looking to grow their sales abilities. ForceManager has worked hard on their mobile solution, making it the ideal CRM for businesses with mobile sales teams.

If you were looking at introducing ForceManager into your company, you’d be in good company. The CRM software provider boasts Vauxhall, Firelli and Orange as its customers, so you know that you can expect quality. The software’s interface has been commended for its intuitiveness and simplicity, allowing managers quick access to real-time insights which results in increased worker productivity.

The above CRM suppliers are examples of how setting goals can influence your decision when considering which CRM solution to choose. It is definitely worth bearing in mind that many CRM solutions offer multiple features that can also be used to achieve a range of goals and objectives, so it is always a good idea to have a few suppliers to consider.

The Best CRM Metrics to Measure Your Goals

The best CRM metrics for your business will naturally depend on the unique goals of your company. For example, if your goal is to increase the number of calls taken by your customer services team in an hour, you will need the data for how many calls they currently take. You can then go further by analysing the metrics for the average length of calls, how many of these calls are resolved and so on.

Using this information you can identify areas needing improvement as well as opportunities for further optimisation. Keeping an eye on customer metrics will allow you to identify if the CRM system you have chosen is right for your business or if you need to explore other, more suitable options.

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