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Sugar Review

SugarCRM is designed to help each employee have a more productive workday with a contemporary, user-friendly interface. A variety of built-in tools let professionals manage their own tasks and collaborate with others to make teamwork easy. The interface can even be customized to include features specific to a user’s own work responsibilities.

Founded in 2004, Sugar specializes solely in CRM software. The company has won several awards and industry acknowledgments for its product, including being named in the Top 100 Cloud Companies by Forbes in 2016. SugarCRM is used by more than 1.5 million people around the world.

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Product, Service and Solutions

from £3860/yearfrom £6270/yearfrom £14470/year

For £3860 a year, a business gets ten user licenses and the app’s basic features, including sales automation and forecasting, marketing lead management, and reporting and dashboards. A £6270 per year subscription adds in enterprise opportunity management and forecasting. This is Sugar's recommended package. With this more expensive version, businesses can also provide a customer self-service portal to cut down on phone call-based requests.

With an ultimate plan, starting at £14470 per year, a business can access all of the features SugarCRM has to offer, plus a dedicated technical account manager and 250 GB of storage. For businesses with more than 100 employees, this may be the best option, since it includes 24/7 support and up to five Sandbox instances.

Sandbox provides secure test environments for companies to add on to the CRM without disrupting the main application.

Benefits and Drawbacks

SugarCRM has several benefits, especially when compared to some of its competitors. Those benefits include:

  • Can be accessed through a cloud-based interface or hosted on premise.
  • Each user can maintain his own separate database.
  • Simple yearly pricing with no hidden fees.
  • Customisable interface.
  • Integrates with Google Docs, Microsoft Word and Excel, and Gmail.

There are also a few drawbacks in using SugarCRM. Businesses should be aware of these before choosing it for its CRM.

  • No free version is available. Subscription must be paid annually to achieve the best price.
  • A minimum of ten users is required, along with a commitment to a one-year subscription.
  • Customer support is limited, with phone support only available to businesses that sign up for the higher-priced versions.

Case Studies

Among SugarCRM’s users is BancVue, a provider of products to banks and credit unions. BancVue needed a solution that would merge all of its business processes into one easy-to-use platform. Through the use of Sugar Professional, BancVue has been able to triple in size, recovering approximately 4,000 staff hours annually through automation.

Architectural and engineering firm Redglaze Group also improved operations through the use of Sugar Professional. Through managing its projects and tracking sales in Sugar, Redglaze increased efficiency by 30 percent. The app improved consistency in the company’s interactions with its customers across all of its companies.


SugarCRM helps businesses manage and organize their sales processes through an easy-to-learn, attractive interface. Users can maintain consistent insight into their progress, allowing them to know where improvements need to be made. Whether a user is accessing Sugar on a mobile device or PC, the interface has the same look, offering a consistency that makes the experience more enjoyable.

The app’s customisable interface allows businesses to create an app that works specifically within their own environments. The built-in workflow tools help a business automate each of its processes to improve efficiency and optimize customer relations.

Due to its cost and commitment requirement, SugarCRM may not be the best option for startups and extremely small businesses. For midsized and large companies, however, the app is an affordable alternative to more robust competitors. A 7 day free trial is available through their website.

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