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For most businesses that want to reach new and existing customers social media has become a channel that cannot be ignored.

To do this effectively a lot of work needs to be done. Social media teams need to determine the best time to post, but also find and create the content that will be most likely to connect with customers. Someone must then take on the task of regularly posting this content and engaging with customers.

Social CRM automates the process of reaching out to customers through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Building upon the basic contact management and marketing features often built into CRM software, social CRM helps businesses build more powerful, effective campaigns with minimal resources.

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Social CRM Software Vendors

There are several different social CRM tools on the market today. Some of the best include:

Zoho Social

Zoho Logo

Zoho is a popular CRM platform. Its social CRM tool helps businesses improve their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn campaigns through more personalized interactions.

Brands can use Zoho Social to monitor brand mentions and learn more about each customer.

A free plan includes up to ten users, with paid plans starting at £7.75 per user per month .


Nimble Logo

With its Smart Contacts feature, Nimble gathers information on customers and presents it to businesses.

This allows brands to create more personalized interactions with their customers. Through Relationship Intelligence, users can identify leads to reach out to consumers who are most likely to convert.

After a 15-day trial, businesses pay £9.65 per user per month .


Batchbook Logo

Batchbook is designed for small businesses. It gives them a place to track customers and manage the entire sales cycle.

The app integrates with Twitter and Facebook, as well as MailChimp, HootSuite, and many others.

Plans start at £29.60 per month.


Radian6 Logo

Radian6's social media solution is part of Salesforce's marketing cloud.

The tool allows businesses to track, monitor, and respond to social media comments directly through its platform.

Prices start at £257 per month.


Hootsuite Logo

This social media dashboard is designed to make it easy to manage social media efforts. One post can be deployed to multiple social media accounts, either manually or through scheduling.

The app integrates with more than 35 popular social media networks, as well as more than 80 applications that can make social media marketing easier.

The free plan has most of the tools businesses will need, with a pro plan starting at £6.42 per month.

Benefits of Using Tools and Software

With social CRM, a business has access to the tools it needs to create more effective campaigns. Here are a few of the top benefits of using social CRM tools.

  • Scheduled Posts - Because posts can be scheduled in advance, brands can launch messages when they're most likely to be read. Posts can be set to deploy on multiple social media sites at once.
  • Mention Monitoring - Brands will be alerted immediately whenever a customer mentions them on a social media site. This allows marketers to quickly respond to those posts, personalizing the social media experience for customers.
  • Analytics - Through advanced reporting, businesses can track the success of their social media efforts and tweak campaigns in response.

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Case Studies


Multinational technology company Cisco used Radian6 to improve its social conversations. The software allowed Cisco to create a consistent and scalable way to manage its social activities, which resulted in a 281 percent ROI within only the first year.

Skyline Boston

Skyline Boston chose Nimble for its social CRM activities. While the company was merely looking for an effective replacement for its previous CRM, Skyline Boston was excited to see that the platform increased its social lead nurturing.