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SAP CRM Review & Prices

SAP CRM Review & Prices

Customer relationship management (CRM) has become an important part of running a business. With the right tools in place, a business can collect information on its customers, their interests and their website interactions. Businesses can then use that information to strengthen relationships and win loyalty.

Developed by German company SAP SE, SAP CRM is popular with medium and large businesses who are interested in full-featured CRM. The solution has several major modules, including SAP CRM Sales, SAP CRM Marketing and SAP CRM Service. Using SAP CRM, businesses can power each area of operations, including eCommerce and loyalty programs.

Product, Service and Solutions

SAP CRM’s features are divided into four major areas:

  • Commerce Solutions - Includes billing and revenue, data management and omni-channel commerce management.
  • Marketing Solutions - Includes customer insights and marketing planning.
  • Sales Solutions - Includes quote management and billing, sales force automation and sales performance management.
  • Customer Service Solutions - Includes omni-channel customer service and tools for managing field sales teams.

A business can choose from a cloud-based or on-premise setup, as well as selecting the modules it needs to create a solution that fits its unique needs. Pricing is provided on a case-by-case basis and will be determined by whether Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) integration is necessary.

Benefits and Drawbacks

SAP CRM has numerous benefits to businesses in all industries, including:

  • Access to the latest tools, developed by one of the top CRM providers in the industry.
  • The option of a cloud-based or on-premise solution, depending on the business’s preferences.
  • Tools to help with creating quotes and converting those quotes to invoices.
  • Real-time customer insights that help a business become more effective in its sales and marketing efforts.
  • The choice of a variety of modules based on a business’s unique needs.

Some drawbacks that might affect whether SAP CRM is the right choice for your business include:

  • Designed for mid-size and large businesses, so it might not be the most ideal solution for small businesses.
  • Each module must be chosen separately and integrated to work with the others.
  • The complexity of the software can be difficult for new users to learn.

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Case Studies

Kelloggs logo

Despite being a well-known brand, Kellogg’s spends a third of its annual revenue on promotions, including trade shows. The company needs a way to monitor these efforts and determine which activities are most beneficial to its brand. Kellogg’s uses SAP’s trade promotion planning application to gain insight into how it can perform better at these events.

Nebraska Book logo

Nebraska Book Company helps independent college bookstores compete against the big-box giants. SAP powers the company’s sales efforts, giving sales team members information on each customer that they can then use to provide more personalized interactions.


SAP CRM can power every aspect of a business’s operations, from sales to marketing to customer service. The CRM gives businesses the tools they need to personalize customer experiences and be more effective in their interactions with prospects and customers. With so many different modules, a business can easily create a solution that meets its unique needs. SAP’s advanced tools bring the latest technology to the businesses that use it, potentially providing everything a business could need for day-to-day operations and long-term business growth.

However, the complexity of SAP CRM can sometimes make it difficult to learn. The company offers training and certification in its products to help get a business’s employees up to speed on the tools. The support portal also includes a knowledge base and incident reporting tool to let users get one-on-one assistance.

Like other tools, SAP’s CRM offers a comprehensive solution to meet a mid-size or large business’s needs. By searching the features and getting pricing information, businesses can easily determine if SAP is the right option for them.