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Salesforce CRM Systems Review 2019

Salesforce CRM Review

Salesforce is the global market leader in the CRM industry. The company has been in business since 1999 and now has a market valuation of $50 billion, making it the highest-valued cloud computing company in America.

Salesforce's original market offering was an online CRM and sales force automation tool, now known as Sales Cloud. Salesforce has also added a number of other cloud-based solutions to its portfolio in recent years including customer service, marketing and business intelligence software solutions.

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Product, Service and Solutions

Salesforce offers solutions specific to each business use, with different options available within these packages.

  • Sales - Includes Salesforce Sales Cloud, as well as, which provides B2B contact and account information.
  • Service - Includes Salesforce Service Cloud and, both of which help businesses manage customer support.
  • Marketing - Includes Salesforce Marketing Cloud, as well as Salesforce Pardot, a marketing automation solution.

A standard account starts at £45 per user per month for Professional Edition and includes all of the basic sales features.

For smaller businesses that need basic CRM capabilities, Salesforce’s Small Business Solutions has plans starting at only £17 per user per month, which includes basic CRM for up to five users.

Case Studies

Coca Cola

Using Salesforce, Coca-Cola Enterprises has been able to reduce the time it takes field sales reps to onboard a new customer by 60%. Sales and service technicians are able to work smarter using Salesforce, spending their time serving customers rather than handling administrative duties.

Carlo’s Bake Shop

Carlo’s Bake Shop was a small but popular bakery until Cake Boss came along and changed everything. The bakery needed a way to scale rapidly without harming its customer-friendly reputation. To personalize its customer relationships once it expanded to nine stores, Carlo’s used Salesforce’s, which enabled the business to respond to customer issues quickly. Using the Salesforce1 platform, Carlo’s also has its own custom app called Cakeforce, which allows employees to take orders on iPads.


Salesforce offers many benefits to customers, including:

  • Easy-to-use interface.
  • Integrations with many of the most popular business apps on the market today.
  • Sales platform includes coaching, goal-setting, and metrics to improve team performance.
  • Workflow helps businesses automate business processes.
  • Approval tracking automates expense reimbursement approvals to expedite employee payments.
  • Territory management lets managers set territories and change them throughout the year as needed.
  • Contact management helps businesses track leads and keep up with existing customers.
  • Marketing features allow users to easily send marketing messages to customers via email or social media.
  • Reporting features give sales teams a better overview of their activities.

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Do you already use CRM Software?

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As the known leader of CRM, Salesforce is the app to beat when it comes to CRM software.

As it is cloud-based and with so many integrations and partnerships, Salesforce can scale with a business as it grows, helping to serve its sales, customer service desk and marketing needs, as well as providing custom apps if needed.

Even if a small business only needs the most basic features, Salesforce can help. The plans on offer are so scalable and flexible. This means that Salesforce has a CRM solution to suit any company's needs.