Sage CRM review 2019

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By Rob Binns | Senior Writer

Is it time you started using CRM software? Find out how Sage can benefit your business

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Sage CRM review

Ease of use
Help and support
Customer satisfaction
Reviewed by: Expert Market13/06/2019


  • Both cloud-based and on-premise editions available
  • Interface is easy to navigate
  • Provides a large amount of daily bulk email sends
  • Produces colourful, eye-catching reports

X Cons:

  • Lacks the level of integrations offered by other CRM systems
  • Pricing plans aren’t transparent
  • Average online customer approval ratings
In a nutshell: Sage is perfectly capable CRM software, but suffers from a lack of transparency around prices and key features.
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What is Sage?

Sage is the UK’s second-largest technology company. It provides software solutions for businesses of all sizes, including accounting, payroll, HR, and (of course) Customer Relationship Management (CRM). And as you’ve probably already guessed, today we’re focusing solely on its CRM software.

So what exactly does Sage CRM do, and how can it benefit your business? Let’s take a look at what you can expect from a Sage CRM system.

Sage: quick facts

  • Founded in 1981 in Newcastle, England
  • Boasts more than 6 million customers worldwide
  • Has offices in 24 countries
  • Is the world’s third-largest supplier of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software
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Sage CRM offers simple, colourful, stylish breakdowns of your business’ performance, in colour and style

Sage CRM features and benefits

Automate the day-to-day stuff

Let’s face it – even in the most efficient sales teams, there are still plenty of boring admin tasks hogging your time and energy. A great feature of Sage CRM, then, is that it streamlines your workload – automating the daily drudgery, and freeing you up to grow your business.

With intuitive order processing, lead management, and sales forecasting features, Sage CRM handles a big portion of the day-to-day tasks that weigh your team down. Sage CRM also acts as a diary, scheduling your sales calls and meetings for you. This means you’ll spend less time juggling afternoon appointments, and more time enjoying your lunch!

Create targeted marketing campaigns

Sage CRM integrates with MailChimp to allow you to put together good-looking, effective emails. Take advantage of Mailchimp’s drag-and-drop builder, as well as a range of proven email templates, to create messages that drive home your brand’s voice and values. Then, use Sage CRM to send those emails (in bulk) to your existing contact database.
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Having such a detailed list of contacts also means that you can target specific demographics through your email marketing. This provides a tailored, personalised approach to your campaigns, and increases the likelihood of your customers opening and engaging with your emails.

Better reporting and analytics

Sage CRM also lets you leverage key insights from your sales and marketing efforts. You can track the success of your latest email campaigns, and generate cutting-edge reports about the health of your business.

Sage CRM also allows you to pull and present data around customer service, leads, sales, marketing, and more. Produce customisable reports to show how your team is performing against its KPIs, and make smarter decisions to grow your business.

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ERP vs CRM: what’s the difference?

Sage offers both ERP and CRM software for businesses of all sizes. While there is some overlap between how the two function, there’s a key way of telling them apart.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems monitor and manage your business’ interactions with your customers, acting as a central hub for your business’ key deal, lead, client, and prospect information. It then lets you turn that data into smoother, more effective sales and marketing efforts.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software relates to your wider business, rather than just your customers. ERP software streamlines your communications, helping to improve the efficiency of your business’ processes.

So what’s the difference? The benefits of CRM come through driving more profitable relationships, and increasing sales volume.

The value of ERP, in contrast, comes from cutting back on overheads and saving on the costs of running your business.

Sage pricing

Unlike most CRM software suppliers, Sage doesn’t publish prices on its website. And when you’re trying to find the CRM that best suits the needs and budget of your business, that’s frustrating.

To get an accurate quote for your SME, you’ll need to contact Sage directly. Alternatively, take a minute to try out our quick, quote-finding webform.

We’ll ask you a couple of questions about your business, and match your requirements with top CRM suppliers. You’ll then get free quotes from CRM system providers, and can start comparing them to get the best deal.

Sage editions

Sage’s most basic plan is perfect for small businesses who are still getting to grips with CRM. It comes with plenty of features, too, including:


Sage’s most basic plan is perfect for small businesses still getting to grips with CRM. And it comes with plenty of features, too. Here are some of the most important:

  • Full contact and calendar management
  • Social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn)
  • Sales management dashboards
  • MailChimp email marketing
  • Basic customisation capabilities
  • 2GB cloud storage
  • 10,000 daily mass email send limit


The next step up on the pricing scale is Sage CRM Professional, which is well-suited to both small and medium-sized businesses. As well as everything in the Essentials edition, you’ll get:

  • Sage CRM for iPhone and Android
  • Campaign and outbound call management
  • Case and territory management
  • Advanced security settings
  • Customisable CRM builder
  • Workflow management
  • 5GB of cloud storage
Both the Essentials and Professional editions are cloud-based, so they’re accessed through the internet. That means anyone in your team can log in on any device, from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.


If you’re looking for a more extensive solution for your business, Sage’s on-premise offering is for you. Unlike the other plans, it’s installed directly onto your office’s computers, rather than being hosted ‘in the cloud’.

Sage’s on-premise plan comes with bespoke pricing, and is fully customisable, too. This edition also integrates seamlessly with Sage’s ERP software, providing you with a more holistic approach to running your business.

For the most comprehensive comparison of Sage’s editions, check out its full comparison guide.

Expert verdict

Sage is a huge name when it comes to business technology – one of the biggest in the world, in fact. It produces software that’ll help take care of your accounts, your HR, and your payroll. So if you already use Sage to handle the other tricky parts and processes at your business, then it makes sense to use its CRM, too.

But we’ll be honest – if you’re looking for a standalone CRM, there are better options out there than Sage. For instance, Salesforce offers the hottest sales analytics on the market, while Freshsales delivers a free, feature-rich plan for those new to the CRM rodeo.

Don’t get us wrong – Sage CRM is still packed with all the features you’d want in a CRM system. But its lack of transparency when it comes to pricing lets it down, as does its more limited set of integrations.

Hungry for a bit more reading? Why not check out our reviews of other CRM systems like Maximizer or Zoho, or bear witness as the aforementioned Freshsales and Salesforce go head-to-head.

Or, if you’re ready to receive quotes and start comparing prices from top CRM suppliers, simply fill out our form. It’ll take less than a minute, and it’s completely free.

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