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QuickBooks CRM System Case Study

QuickBooks is an accounting software package integrated with web-based features such as:

  • remote access capabilities
  • remote payroll assistance and outsourcing
  • electronic payment functions
  • online banking and reconciliation
  • mapping features through integration with Google Maps
  • marketing options through Google
  • improved email functionality through Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express

In addition, data can be imported from Excel, has employee tracking options, and runs on both Linux and Windows servers.

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With millions of users worldwide, QuickBooks dominates the accounting software market, so it stands to reason that their CRM system is equally robust.

  • Specifically designed and customised by Method CRM
  • QuickBooks Online Integration: All customers, vendors, employees, items and lists are accessible from a web browser. All transactions can be viewed, added, and edited online
  • Track Leads outside QuickBooks Online: Potential customers are able to request product and service information from the business website thereby creating a lead instantly
  • Dashboards and analytics enable users to know who their best customers/staff are, and which ones are at risk of leaving.
  • Self-Serve portals allow customers to manage their own accounts, payments, and invoicing.