How Much Shoppers Around The World Are Spending Online

By Rob Binns | Senior Writer

With more customers around the world doing their shopping online it is increasingly crucial for businesses to have an online presence to reach a lucrative global customer base.

Online businesses are able to benefit from the capabilities to access customer data and see in-depth buying habits to demographic data that can be valuable for optimizing sales as well as increasing customer acquisition and retention.

With ecommerce being a global phenomenon, it can be interesting to dig down to see which countries have taken towards online shopping significantly by spending the most money online in 2015.

Using the data compiled by Statista’s Digital Market Outlook we at Expert Market have managed to rank the countries that spend the most money online per average customer. The amounts are all based on US dollars to make it easier for comparison.

We have created the map below to display these numbers across the world and to compare the online spending of different continents.

How much online shoppers spend around the world

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Rob Binns Expert Market
Rob Binns Senior Writer

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