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MS Dynamics CRM From Microsoft Software Review

Comprehensive CRM Solutions from Microsoft

Businesses looking to adopt a CRM (customer relationship management) software package needs a solution which will be easy to use, flexible and tailored to meet the specific requirements of their company.

Microsoft Dynamic CRM is designed to deliver intelligent marketing capabilities and the opportunity to improve productivity.

Effective marketing features also allow a business insight into their current processes, delivering the potential to redesign existing strategies to optimise efficiency and sales lead generation.

Effective data management is delivered through the ability to transport data to Microsoft Dynamic from other sources using predefined mapping solutions or through the creation of new ones.

Automatic email notification confirms the status of data importation, providing a reduction of CPE (cost per engagement) through the cleansing of duplicated data.

Microsoft has also focused on tools for the creation of lists for targeted marketing with easy sharing capabilities between vendors and colleagues. The lists may be exported to multiple formats to provide for bulk direct mailing or emailing of customers.

Effective customer profiling is assured by market research software which uses everyday language to make it easier for respondents to engage with the business and relate to the brand.

Streamlining campaigns is simplified with functions which allow the customer to plan and track their tasks, oversee the budget, and follow the processes involved in each promotional activity.

Price lists and brochures can be used to focus specific discounts and offers to targeted recipients with reusable templates providing a welcome reduction in both time and financial outlay.

Technical applications include the ability to design an Internet landing page for a campaign without coding and embedded document management functions which also allow for the simplified creation of marketing material.

Covering All the Angles

The Microsoft Dynamic CRM software package delivers a total end to end solution for any size of business to optimise their marketing profitability and potential, while reducing costs in the ongoing challenging economic conditions.

The simplified execution of marketing projects is provided through a centralised platform of applications which allow for the management and tracking of all customers details and events.

Invitations and associated communications are initialised and distributed instantly with the embedded Mail Merge function providing for mass communication.

The Quick Campaign Wizard feature allows for the creation of promotional marketing material and there is an integrated process which is designed to stimulate customer response based on the level of interest they have shown.

Dynamic CRM also delivers the centralised capture and tracking of market research responses which can be categorised from the internet landing pages. They can then be evaluated and assigned to the most qualified department for follow up and the potential conversion into sales leads.

Enhanced coordination with the sales team is offered through the centralised system which can also assign leads based on predefined levels of workflow.

The most promising sales leads are highlighted through conditional formatting capabilities, allowing for the utilisation of guided dialogue for streamlining the qualification process.

Bi-directional data integration delivered through Excel will ensure that the marketing team focuses on the most current leads.

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Extended Value from Microsoft Dynamic

Users can benefit from extended value by combining the Microsoft Dynamic CRM software with Microsoft Office Outlook for enhanced productivity.

Data can be located quickly and efficiently through preview panes, personal views, most recently used lists, and record pinning.

Redundant email tracking can be eliminated with Outlook synchronisation and better collaboration between team members through the embedded presence feature.

Office Outlook contacts can also be transported to marketing lists at the click of a mouse, thereby reducing time and optimising sales lead generation potential.

The success of any marketing campaign can be measured through the system's KPI (key performance indicator) with valuable business insight offered through the inline data visualisation and flexible dashboard features.

Goal tracking functions allow for the monitoring of objectives, while predictive analytics provide the ability to better allocate resources and highlight trends.

Customers who would like to find out more about the Microsoft Dynamic CRM software solution are offered a free 30 day trial of the system to see if it is the right tool for their business. For those who wish to adopt the application on a monthly subscription basis, fees start from £28.70 per user (cost as of May 2013).

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