Maximizer CRM Company Review

Maximizer CRM Review: Provider of Full Featured CRM Solutions

Canada based CRM specialists, with offices in the UK covering EMEA & Australia, Maximizer have over 25 years’ experience in delivering their services to SMEs (small and mid-sized enterprises) globally.

Designed to provide accessibility and flexibility to start-ups, small enterprises, and for divisional use in larger organisations, their CRM solutions offer excellent value for money and enable users to gain immediate access to all of their customers and prospects historical data.

Multi departmental information sharing is provided, allowing teams in customer service, sales and marketing to develop a business strategy and target individual clients to optimise lead generation and increase productivity.

This enables the business to concentrate their resources more effectively on their primary asset, their customer base.

The easy configuration of the Maximizer CRM systems allows them to meet the specific demands of each business, offering a virtually bespoke solution which delivers high level insights into performance through advanced reporting and dashboard applications.

Being quick and easy to deploy, learn, utilise and maintain has prompted users such as the President of Bridge Solutions Inc, Tim Edward to comment, “When I can take on brand new employees with no software experience and have them interacting effectively with clients and generating new business in less than five days, I know that the software is paying for itself.”

Optional access is available via the Web, desktop applications and mobile devices to ensure that all data and intelligence is accessible to team members 24/7 from any location, offering the best possible opportunity for turning a prospect into a customer.

With over 1 million users worldwide, including Cathay Pacific, HSBC, Ipsos and Hallmark Cards, Maximizer have a proven track record of delivering high quality CRM solutions to all sizes of organisation from the entry level start-up with just a few employees to multinational giants with a global presence.

In the current economic climate, all businesses must take advantage of all of the tools at their disposal to maintain and grow their customer base, thereby enhancing productivity and securing their future profitability and financial health.

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CRM Options for Multi-Sector Application

Providing easy integration with existing software such as Microsoft Outlook, Office and Exchange, and delivering the opportunity for enhance security and control as the database remains on-site, Maximizer solutions are wholly appropriate across a range of sectors from real estate and manufacturing to financial services and education. Companies can choose from three different options including:

Full featured CRM designed for small businesses; this package will accommodate from 1-10 users and incorporates:

  • On-site, all access CRM applications.
  • Total mobility via tablet and smartphone devices.
  • Advanced applications for monitoring and planning activities, accounts, daily tasks, calendar and contacts.
  • Sales, marketing and workflow automation.
  • Business reporting and intelligence gathering, customer service and reporting.
  • Web access, Microsoft Office and business integration.
  • Access to Social CRM

Users of this solution include the RTR Advisory Group. A spokesperson for the company reviewed the product saying: “Maximizer Mobile CRM gives us the confidence to work with clients directly no matter where we are.”

Designed for mid-sized business and divisional environments, the Advance CRM package provides unlimited access for five users and features all of the above CRM tools in addition to Offline Access and Territorial Management, Customisation Suite and Sales Quota management.

The third option is Maximizer CRM Anywhere, deployed via the cloud and offers unlimited use for 1 user for costs from as little as £25 per month per user.

Benefits delivered by this package include:

  • Fast and easy deployment.
  • Limited requirements for IT infrastructure, support, staff and technical resources.
  • The requirement for only basic integration provision and minimal customisation.
  • Having a predictable monthly operating expenditure.

One user who is particularly appreciative of the advantages provided from the software is the representative for Best Western Hotels who commented: “Based on the very reasonable cost of Maximizer, the return on my investment is very, very impressive.”

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