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Marketo CRM Review

Marketo was founded in 2007 with an emphasis on digital marketing solutions. Recognizing the complexity of managing customer communications, Marketo has designed a software solution that strives to bring social media, email, in-person, and other communication platforms together in one place. The software's users have access to Marketo's marketing automation, email marketing, lead management and nurturing, and social marketing features. Because Marketo is built by marketers for marketers, businesses can be confident that the solution will help them achieve their goals.
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Product, Service and Solutions

Marketo's features fall into four categories:
  • Marketing Automation - Includes B2B marketing and lead management. Users can easily create and manage campaigns across email, social media, and other marketing channels.
  • Marketing Management - Includes the budget and calendar, which helps businesses oversee their marketing budgets and editorial calendars.
  • Real-Time Personalization - Each message can be personalized to a specific customer's interests to have more success with each post or email.
  • Customer Engagement Marketing - Email and campaign management with conversational messages that increase engagement.
Using Marketo, businesses can upsell and cross sell to customers through automated dialogues that make suggestions based on customer behaviors. Users can score specific customers based on the likelihood they'll buy certain products, ensuring only those products or features are recommended. Once these upselling requests have been made, users can track results to determine whether their targeting has been effective. In addition to its software, Marketo also provides its users access to its marketing blog. The blog is full of great tips on subjects like marketing automation, lead management and more. These tips will help businesses as they develop their marketing strategies, and they are all easy to action using Marketo's suite of tools. When paid annually, Marketo's plans start at £640 per month, which includes most of the features a business would need. Mobile engagement is only available as an add-on to the standard plan, which costs £1,436 a month and adds on campaign and channel ROI analysis. A free trial is available for businesses with ten employees or more to allow them to try the software before they buy.

Case Studies


Panasonic LogoGlobal electronics company Panasonic increased its marketing campaign output by five times without any additional resource expenditures. The inbound inquiries the software brought doubled the size of Panasonic's CRM contacts system, while also providing visibility into how each of its campaigns impacted its bottom line.


2U LogoOnline educator 2U installed Marketo on five of its domains in a three-week timespan. The result was a system that the company's sales and admissions teams could use to make their own jobs easier, increasing efficiency and expediting enrollments.

Benefits and Drawbacks

There are several benefits to Marketo, including:
  • Strong marketing functionality helps businesses use the customer information they collect.
  • Targeted messaging helps businesses personalize marketing communications.
  • Strong lead nurturing component.
Some drawbacks include:
  • May be complicated to install, especially if integration with existing solutions is required.
  • No inexpensive plan available for small businesses.

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Marketo's marketing emphasis makes it a great choice for mid-sized and larger businesses interested in creating powerful marketing campaigns. The tool's inbound inquiries populate businesses' customer databases, helping them quickly increase their contact lists. Customers have praised the company's customer service offerings, but the software can be difficult to set up, especially if integrations are necessary. The cost will also make it out of the reach of small businesses and startups, which usually have limited money to spend on software. With a free trial, businesses can experiment with the software briefly before choosing a plan.