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What is Marketing Automation?

As technology has become more sophisticated, so have businesses’ marketing tactics. Big box retailers have begun carefully researching consumers and deploying marketing messages that are personalized to each recipient.

Because each piece of communication is targeted directly to that customer’s interests, it is more likely to not only be read, but also acted upon.

Marketing automation gives even the smallest businesses the ability to create sophisticated marketing campaigns without spending a fortune.

Through marketing automation, a business can maintain a personal relationship with each of its customers, even if those customers come through its website.

Business of all sizes can reach out to customers on an individual level, showing them they’re dealing with a company that cares.

Most importantly, marketing automation drives better results than generic marketing campaigns, leading to a better return on a business’s investment.


There are several benefits to marketing automation, including:

  • Leveling the playing field between small and big businesses. Using these tools, even the smallest startups can compete with big brands.
  • Eliminating repetitive tasks. Instead of being in the office each day to create and send marketing emails and social media posts, professionals can create messages in advance and schedule them to post at a specific time.
  • Knowing your customers. Through the use of marketing tools, brands are always studying customer behavior, giving them an in-depth look at their customers.
  • Advanced reporting. Instead of blindly blasting marketing messages, businesses can test various approaches and study the results using the built-in reporting tools.

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Case Studies

3 Day Blinds

3 Day Blinds Logo

Custom window treatment provider 3 Day Blinds used Marketo’s marketing automation solution to personalize the messages it was sending to customers. The company wanted a way to increase participation in a new in-home design appointment feature it was offering.

Through the use of Marketo, 3 Day Blinds was able to reduce the work that went into generating email messages while also creating much more powerful, effective campaigns.


Emaze Logo

Emaze is a startup company that produces online presentation software. The company used Marketing Sherpa to put B2C-style efforts into its B2B marketing efforts.

Using Marketing Sherpa, Emaze was able to create personalized marketing materials that spoke directly to each recipient. As a result the company added 470,000 new users, to give it a total user base of of more than 2 million.

Software Vendors

A wide variety of software vendors offer marketing automation solutions, including:


Marketo Logo

Marketo offers consumer engagement marketing through email, web, social, mobile, and ads, as well as real-time personalization and marketing management.

In addition to its marketing tools, the company is also popular for its informative guides and blog posts.

Plans start at £897 per month but custom prices are available.


Hubspot Logo

Specializing in integration, Hubspot offers software to help with blogging, SEO, social media, email, landing pages, and more.

Advanced analytics allow brands to track their efforts. Pricing starts at £129 per month.


Eloqua Logo

Oracle provides this marketing automation platform that helps with marketing across all channels including email, display search, video advertising, and mobile. The goal of Eloqua is to help businesses launch consistent marketing messages.

Pricing information is provided on a personalized basis.

Salesforce (Pardot)

For enterprises that use Salesforce, Pardot is a top choice due to its seamless integration with the popular CRM.

With email marketing, lead management, social posting, and ROI reporting, Pardot improves a business’s customer engagement through studying and acting on customer behaviors.

Plans start at £643 per month.

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Is Marketing Automation Software a Good Investment?

Yes. Through marketing automation businesses can improve customer relationships and increase sales.

The right tools make it easy to launch personalized campaigns based on observed customer behaviors, improving ROI.

Best of all, businesses can spend less time creating emails and social media posts and refocus their efforts on other aspects of winning new customers.