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KnowledgeTree CRM Review

Originally a provider of open-source document management software, KnowledgeTree has shifted its focus to document management for sales and marketing teams in recent years. The software is designed to help manage all of the supporting documentation necessary to successfully pitch and close a sales deal.

When connected to Salesforce, Marketo, SharePoint, Box, Dropbox, or one of many other sales tools, KnowledgeTree can recommend content applicable to each opportunity.his saves time and helps teams avoid missed opportunities.

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Product, Service and Solutions

KnowledgeTree calls itself a sales enablement tool, which means it serves to support sales activities. The solution uses data science to recommend the best documents for use in sales CRMs such as Salesforce. The sophisticated technology can evaluate specific situations and suggest the documents that will best support them.

A large part of selling products and services today is presentation. Prior to visiting a location, sales professionals are expected to gather as much information as possible to convince a prospect that a solution is the right fit.

However, if this means spending hours searching through paperwork, it keeps those professionals off the road and in the office, which cuts down on the money they can earn each day.

Because KnowledgeTree automatically locates and recommends documents that are relevant to each opportunity, businesses have access to a proactive approach to their sales efforts.

Instead of waiting for leads to ask questions, then searching for the right documents, KnowledgeTree will offer up those documents on the front end, allowing employees to disregard those that don't apply and save those that do.

In addition to pulling from in-house documents, KnowledgeTree can connect to all of a business's document tools, including Dropbox, Box, and SharePoint. KnowledgeTree also pulls from the web to offer the biggest pool of documents possible. Instead of wasting valuable time searching, a business's sales team can simply read from the materials provided to them.

KnowledgeTree does not provide pricing information on its website. The company customizes pricing based on a business's specific needs. They ask that customers contact them for a quote.

Case Studies


RingCentral Logo

As the leading provider of cloud-based phone systems, RingCentral needed a solution that would demonstrate the immediate value businesses get through using its services. Using KnowledgeTree, the company's sales team has the ability to access the latest documentation on its product and shoot it over to prospects to convert them to customers.

Teletrac Navman

Teletrac Navman Logo

Fleet tracking provider Teletrac Navman uses KnowledgeTree to build a business case for its fleet management services. KnowledgeTree has not only improved its marketing team's efficiency, but it has also provided a way for it to easily track which documents have been effective in landing new customers.

Benefits and Drawbacks

KnowledgeTree's benefits include:

  • Easily access documents necessary to form powerful sales pitches and answer potential customers' questions.
  • Through data analytics, documents are recommended based on a particular situation.
  • Instead of spending time researching, sales teams can focus on closing deals and tracking down prospects.

There are some drawbacks to KnowledgeTree, however:

  • This solution is an add-on, so sales teams will need a CRM such as Salesforce to handle the lead management end of things.
  • Pricing information is only available as an individual quote.


KnowledgeTree works in coordination with Salesforce and document management apps to help teams manage their sales documentation. Through recommendations, professionals will have access to documents they might not have otherwise known about, which will keep them from missing valuable opportunities.

While KnowledgeTree isn't designed to be a standalone product, the solution is a great sales enablement tool for businesses of all sizes. Without transparent pricing, however, it's difficult to recommend KnowledgeTree as a solution for small businesses.

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