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InTouch CRM Review 2018

InTouch CRM - Established, Developed & Run Within the UK

Six years ago, current CEO of InTouch CRM, James White, identified a need for an integrated CRM (customer relationship management) and email marketing application designed specifically for use by the growing number of UK based and international SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises).

Since then, the company have developed an international portfolio of businesses who have adopted the services offered by their management and processing CRM solutions.

The InTouch model delivers seamless integration with a company's existing software and systems providing a more effective approach to the development and maintenance of customer relationships and business contacts.

Potential customers may take advantage of the 30 day free trial offer to experience the benefits of the system.

Or, for costs from £12 per month, per user, can adopt the Standard Package which offers;

  • Social CRM
  • file storage
  • email marketing
  • task pad
  • calendar
  • mail merge function

The application allows the user to manage daily business tasks and marketing campaigns through the innovative social element of the system by incorporating Facebook, Twitter and other social media on to the centralised, fingertip controlled solution.

For those who have already adopted social media into their existing communications plan, the updates to the InTouch CRM provide the ability to add them to your system and use them within your email communications.

A Twitter feed through the system offers a great time saving measure and a social integration tool allows the option to Tweet information about an email campaign as soon as it goes out.

Another benefit is the ability to transport the web version of a campaign to Twitter followers simultaneously.

To precis, the adoption of the InTouch CRM Standard Package will provide the ability to:

  • Tweet directly from the system
  • Update Facebook profile and information internally within the system
  • Tweet email campaigns keeping followers abreast of your communications
  • Simplify the process of recipients locating Twitter and Facebook pages through the addition of social sites to an email campaign.
  • Transport business contacts directly from a Twitter account into the InTouch CRM database

Alternative InTouch CRM Options

InTouch CRM also offers two alternative packages to their customers;

1. Premium

2. Unleashed

Included in the Premium model are all of the benefits of the Standard package (Social CRM, file storage, email marketing, task pad, calendar and mail merge feature) plus:

  • 200 email credits per month; these represent the currency of email marketing with 1x credit equating to 1x email sent via the system. Users can purchase additional credits if required which will stay in their account until needed and used up.
  • 20 auto-responders; these are automatic email programmes which are triggered when a customer uses the system. This could include actions such as the purchase of a product, signing up to the user's website or not contacting the system for a certain predetermined period of time.
  • 200MB of file storage.
  • 20 web forms; these are used by the customer to enter their personal details. The captured information will then be automatically transported to the InTouch CRM database where it will be stored as a new contact ready for inclusion in the next email campaign.

The Unleashed package also includes all of the Standard package features in addition to:

  • 5,000 email credits per month
  • Unlimited auto-responders
  • 1GB of file storage
  • Unlimited web forms


Prices for the Premium CRM model starts from £12 per user, per month and for the Unleashed CRM package from *£18 per user, per month.

Other options available include additional telephone support from *£5 per month and a fully customised email template designed for the user from *£75 - *£495 +VAT.

Users will not be tied to any minimum or fixed term contract with InTouch CRM. Their payment details will be processed when they sign up to the system and will then be debited on a rolling one month, one day basis.

Upon cancellation, the user's account will be closed and all card details

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