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GoldMine CRM Review 2018

Award Winning Mobile CRM Software Solutions

The GoldMine Company are providers of Windows based CRM (customer relationship management) solutions which have been specifically designed with the small to mid-size market in mind.

Suitable for any sector, the company have 1 million global users effectively managing 1 billion relationships through their software.

The Mobile CRM application was developed when the company identified a need for an efficient solution which would fill the gap between the traditional contact management tools already available and more complex CRM packages.

The cost effective software enables the user to automate marketing, sales and service operations while utilising powerful integrated functions to create a central hub for day to day business processes.

Benefits from deploying the package include the ability to log and monitor all customer intelligence and develop enduring relationships while promoting client and partner loyalty to the brand.

Employee productivity is enhanced through the extensive data sharing capabilities which also provide optimum management and performance across the whole business ecosystem.

Benefits From The GoldMine Mobile CRM

The GoldMine Mobile CRM application provides an effective way to have a suite of powerful relationship building tools at hand wherever you go, ensuring that you will never be without the information required to generate a new lead, develop a prospect or close a sale.

The new Mobile Edition 9.0 delivers business critical, real time data and solutions to the user via Apple devices, smartphones and tablets, enabling the sales team to access vital information whenever they are out of the office and on the road.

Having instant wireless access to case studies, client intelligence and service activities enables the user to never miss an opportunity, increasing productivity and providing the opportunity to drive additional income.

Active benefits from the software include:

  • The ability to flag up memos relating to phone conversations, meetings and ideas while viewing historical data concerning any business contact.
  • The capability to effectively manage all revenue related operations and perform service related engagements.
  • The provision of tools to create a priority list of activities which will allow for the monitoring of the day to day schedule; meetings, calls and tasks.
  • The ability to ensure that no sales generation opportunities are missed when the user is off-site or on the road, delivered through pre-scheduled SMS reminders.

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Delivering Customer Service

One of the most important elements in the delivery of effective customer service is the ability to be immediately responsive to a client's needs.

Having the tools to hand for proactive, informed decision making allows for improved sales agility and the opportunity to better service the customer's needs.

The GoldMine Mobile software will deliver users access to forecast sales data and contact information when in front of the customer, providing a current real time snapshot of the company's most recently updated sales data which can be used for analysis or action.

Users will also have the capabilities for managing their schedule by leveraging the software's integrated mapping technology to plan their client visits more efficiently and optimising cost control.

Instant access is also provided to technical services teams, offering customer intelligence, case and service operations, allowing them to perform field based problem resolution more effectively and rapidly.

Data sharing with on-site colleagues is provided through the GoldMine Mobile's email application, enabling access to all client related communication from team members on the road.

Security functions include log in protocols, license keys and other access controls currently established in the sister product, GoldMine Premium Edition and which are also respected in the Mobile package.


Potential customers who are interested in deploying the software are offered a free trial by contacting the GoldMine sales team directly.

Special offers are currently available to purchase the software package for costs from *£1,115 for a three user bundle which delivers a saving of 40%, or from *£1,971 for the five user bundle which provides a 28% saving.