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ForceManager Review

ForceManager are a well respected, multi-national CRM software provider. With offices in the UK, Spain and Colombia, they are well equipped to deal with the needs of UK based or international companies.

ForceManager offer a sales focused Customer Relationship Management program, with emphasis on sales automation, analytics and reporting.

One of the stand-out benefits of ForceManager is their mobile focus. ForceManager are dedicated to providing the best mobile CRM solution for any business.

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Sales Management

ForceManager allows complete visibility for interested parties to see the timeline of interaction between sales staff and customers. Information is uploaded to the system instantly, even from the app, meaning that you are always working with the most up to date data when decision making.

The opportunity management tool allows you to see where your leads are in the pipeline and what actions need to be taken. Internal document storage means that mobile sales teams will always have instant access to the latest promotional material. As well as these specialist sales features, there are also the expected contact and calendar integration to keep all teams connected.

Sales Analytics

Data from sales interactions can be segmented and analysed to show where new sales efforts would be most beneficial. ForceManager will show you which interactions are most successful, allowing your company to develop a series of best practices based on relevant data. ForceManager is constantly collecting and analysing data from your company interactions, and the wider market. This data can be utilized in the most beneficial way for your business through custom reporting.


ForceManager generates automated reports, meaning that sales teams can focus their energy on selling and not write-ups. As reports are generated automatically, salespeople do not have to wait in order to see if they are on track with their targets or whether they should re-focus their efforts. This allows the sales team to run more productively. ForceManager have a number or pre-designed reports that can be utilised instantly. However, countless unique reports can also be created, giving you completely customisable reporting abilities.


Mobile App

As well as the features mentioned above, one of the main benefits of ForceManager is their dedication to mobile CRM. ForceManager have designed a native app for each operation system (iOS, Android, Windows etc) and each system automatically optimises to suit any size mobile or tablet screen.

ForceManager’s CRM app offers all of the features of their desktop programme, available directly to your mobile. The mobile app also offers some unique features, such as a fully-integrated agenda that organizes your daily schedule, optimising your time over a day of appointments.


ForceManager is available in 4 pricing tiers, so there should always be a solution to fit your business’s needs.

TierPriceKey features
per user
per month
Contacts & Calendar
Performance analytics

Phone integration
Email integration
Data upload
Email support
Training resources
Small Team£25
per user
per month
Everything from Professional +
Team dashboards
Standard reports
User roles
per user
per month
Everything from Small Team +
Custom reports
Quotes & order management
Further CRM integration
Advanced user roles
Training sessions
Customer help line
per user
per month
Everything from Business +
Integration with other apps
Dedicated infastructure

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Case Studies


Fluidra are specialists in water treatment and the sustainable use of water for leisure purposes. With over 100 sales people, working on an outdated CRM system, the sales and reports process at Fluidra was far from optimal. ForceManager offered them a solution which has allowed the sales teams to be become more efficient and productive.

ForceManager helped streamline the process so that the teams could spend less time inputting data and more time talking to clients. The reporting functionality of ForceManager allows directors to predict trends and take quick, profitable actions. ForceManager also allowed Fluidra to have more effective communication channels across multiple teams.


Elion supplies technical components for the manufacturing industry, such as fieldbus systems and sensors. Elion’s old CRM software was difficult to use and was not set up to cater for mobile sales teams. The system also offered poor visual reports which did not allow for effective feedback or forecasting. Elion has found ForceManager to be a much simpler system to use and it’s mobile and tablet app has had a positive effect on the performance of their mobile sales unit.