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CRM Systems for Restaurants: Reviews & Best Prices

Searching for a time efficient way to manage your customer relationships? CRM strategies for restaurants can make all the difference.

At the heart of every successful restaurant is a good customer relationship. However, the demands of running a busy restaurant can make it difficult to develop these relationships. CRM software makes managing customers much easier. CRM packages allow you to make informed decisions, improve customer relationships and increase sales, as well as providing you with rich-data that you can compile and analyse to improve your service.

How Can CRM Software Benefit Your Restaurant Business?

Build a customer database

CRM software gathers information about your customers to develop profiles of the type of people who attend your restaurant. Good CRM systems will gather customer contact details, demographics, frequency of visits, meal choices and preferences (e.g. gluten free, vegetarian) and average spend per visit.

Gain analysis and insights

Over time, the information gathered by the CRM system will allow you to identify patterns and create targeted offerings to suit your customers. By integrating your point of sale software, you will gain access to valuable insights including which items on the menu are the most popular, what days of the week/times are the busiest along with various other vital pieces of data.

Restaurants can use this information to significantly improve their service and ultimately increase sales. For instance, the CRM software might highlight that Tuesday nights from 6pm-9pm are the busiest time. The restaurant owner could use this information to hire another member of staff to cover this busy period. Alternatively, the CRM system might show that large numbers of sweet potato fries are regularly ordered, but very low quantities of beetroot fries are selected by customers, which could prompt the restaurant owner to remove beetroot fries from the menu.

Create targeted marketing and communications

Create strategic marketing efforts armed with the data gathered from the CRM software. The CRM helps you to segment groups of customers to send specific marketing messages to directly via email or SMS. This allows you to create custom messages that will appeal to the psyche of your customers and send at times that will be the most effective.

Increase retention with loyalty programmes and rewards

Loyalty programmes are the bread and butter of the CRM systems, enabling you to monitor what individual customers purchase, how much they spend per order and how frequent their visits are. You can use information gathered from the loyalty programmes to create personalised discounts and rewards for each customer, making them feel special and valued, and encouraging retention.

You can also use the data to reward customers by offering discounts, free drinks and special gifts on their birthday. You can email a voucher that the customer can redeem on their next visit, or encourage them to refer a friend to receive a reward.

Gather important feedback

Make use of your customer database by sending surveys and asking for feedback. Provide the customers with an incentive for participating, such as a discount code or entry into a competition. Happy customers are more likely to give you constructive feedback and you can compare customer insights against their profiles. Over time, regular surveys will create a more complete picture of your service.

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Best CRM systems for restaurants

As you can tell, CRM systems open a world of opportunities for restaurants to increase their growth and develop excellent customer relationships, but with so many different programmes out there, which CRM is right for you?


PosIQ prides itself on being the ultimate customer monitoring and analysis tool and allows you to choose from several different tracking methods. Additionally, it provides insights so you can see which discounts and marketing advertisements are working and which aren’t, plus it makes redeeming rewards and discounts seamless.

Does all that extra knowledge make the system difficult to use and challenging? Not at all. PosIQ’s intelligent data is integrated deep into the software to make the process simple for you, your staff and customers. Customers sign up using their phone number and once they have racked up orders PosIQ prompts them to reveal more information about themselves which increases over time. Customers are more willing to give you additional information once you’ve established a relationship. Packages start at £80 per month and businesses can sign up for a 30-day free trial to see how it fits in with your restaurant.


Toast’s CRM system can integrate with your point of sale system, allowing you to easily gather crucial information about your customers. If customers sign up for a loyalty programme, Toast will use this information to create a personalised profile for each customer where managers can view their purchasing habits and history. Using this information, you can create customised marketing messages and promotions for that customer to encourage them to visit your restaurant again. Prices begin at £63 a month for the basic package which is perfect for small cafes, although they offer flexible pricing plans to suit smaller budgets. Contact the company directly for a quote.


Punchh truly believe in helping you to improve your restaurant service – after all, they created the industry’s first mobile CRM platform. Mobile engagement allows customers to order online and provide instant feedback through surveys, reviews and social referrals. Gift cards and responsive loyalty programmes can be tailored to specific customers to drive engagement and sales. Additionally, the system allows you to customise fraud detection rules to protect valuable customer data. Punchh’s cliental include Burger King, Arby’s and Dunkin’ Donuts, to name a few, so businesses that choose this CRM will be in good company. Visit Punchh’s website to obtain a quote for your restaurant.

Astute Solutions

Astute Solutions offer an extensive variety of features for effective data collection, analysis of customer purchasing habits and social media management. Smart data entry saves time when creating a customer database, plus follow-up emails are automatically generated based on customer profile and habits helping to develop positive customer relationships and increase retention. If Astute Solutions sounds like it is the CRM system for your restaurant, contact the company directly for a demo and quote.


PosIQ, Toast, Punchh and Astute Solutions are excellent examples of intelligent CRM software for restaurants, however don’t feel as though you need to choose one of these examples. There are many more CRM systems out there which will help your business monitor, engage with and grow your customer base and increase sales in your restaurant.

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