CRM Systems for Airlines, Reviews and Prices

Airline travel is a competitive and very customer orientated market. As more and more people use air services each year, it is important that airlines keep their customers satisfied in order to prevent them moving onto other companies.

With low budget airlines and loyalty schemes offering plenty to airline passengers, companies need to ensure it stays ahead of its competition by adapting good customer relationships. We take a look at the best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems for airlines below.

About CRM systems

CRM systems are an important tool for companies to get to know their customers and improve their practices in order to retain their loyalty. Using data collected through sales and customer shopping habits, businesses can use CRM software to enhance their marketing performance and boost sales and profits. CRM systems used by airlines tend to feature loyalty reward solutions which allow airlines to reward their customers for repeated use, as well as encourage them to keep using the airline. Loyalty schemes can also be an incentive to attract new users.

CRM systems for airlines


InfoSys recognise the need for airlines to establish innovative practices in order to keep their customers loyal and stay ahead of the competition. They provide CRM solutions for a range of different companies, including global enterprises. More than just a software provider,InfoSys work to ensure that the goals and objectives of a company are properly met and adapt their solutions to each individual customer’s needs. Using a wide range of packages, they will come up with a tailored plan for your business with the ultimate aim of increasing your profits. Service prices vary and can be obtained directly from InfoSys.

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Companies like Virgin Airlines are already taking advantage of the services that Salesforce has to offer. Using the Chatter application, Virgin allows its customers to contact the Virgin support team whilst travelling for fast and effective customer service. The Chatter application is built in to the screens on the seats for fast use. The system also allows passengers to be alerted to any changes or problems during their flight, such as a missing bag or an upgrade.

This innovative way of thinking ensures airlines using Salesforce can benefit from the latest technology and forward thinking ideas. Prices are based on an individual basis and can be obtained by contacting Salesforce.


Combining effective CRM and loyalty scheme services, Mercator have plenty to offer any airline. They currently manage over 16 million loyalty reward members across different schemes. With a whole range of services to help airlines interact with their customers and reward them for repeated use, Mercator are one of the leaders in providing this type of CRM service. Helping airlines of all sizes, they will work with individual companies to ensure that they receive the right CRM solutions for their needs. Prices are calculated on an individual basis and can be obtained direct from Mercator.

There are many reliable, professional CRM system providers online suitable for a range of companies, including airlines. Whilst the above are just a small selection of the kinds of software on offer, there may be more suitable systems available for your business.

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