Best CRM systems for airlines

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By Rob Binns | Senior Writer

Take your customer relations to a higher plane with the most intuitive CRM software for UK airlines

Good customer service doesn’t just happen above the clouds.

Nope – as an airline, your relationships with your customers start long before they get anywhere near the airport. And if you want them to keep flying with you, you’ll need to cultivate those relationships long after they’ve stepped off the plane.

So how do you do that? With a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, that’s how.

CRM systems help you maintain and grow those all-important relationships with your passengers. Reward your frequent flyers, launch targeted marketing campaigns, and get to know who your customers are – as well as what they want.

Here at Expert Market, we understand just how important your travellers are – and how difficult it can be to choose the right CRM software. That’s why we’ve put together our top four picks of the best CRM systems for airlines in the UK.

Choosing a CRM system is a big decision, so don’t just wing it. Read on for our expert reviews, skip straight to our FAQs, or get free airline CRM quotes from top suppliers.

best crm systems for airlines

CRM software already powers the most successful airlines across the UK

The best CRM systems for UK airlines

We looked at the range of CRM suppliers on the market to find the best CRM software for airlines. Our top airline CRM systems include Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, webCRM, and Teamleader.

The best airline CRM systems:


Best for all-round excellence

Trusted by over 150,000 businesses, Salesforce claims to be the world’s number one CRM platform. And with its slick, intuitive interface and advanced fuselage of features, who are we to argue?

Salesforce also offers a range of pricing tiers to bring flexibility to your sales and marketing efforts. But don’t just take our word for it – Salesforce has already boosted the business of big airlines like British Airways. And what’s more, it’s a completely mobile, cloud-based solution – just like your aircraft!

Salesforce pricing

Salesforce EssentialsLightning ProfessionalLightning EnterpriseLightning Unlimited
Sales Cloud£20£60£120£240
Sales and Service CloudN/A£80£140£260

All prices are per user, per month (billed annually).


  • Superb integration with Microsoft and Google applications
  • Comes with the backing of a huge, truly global brand
  • Solid customer support

X Cons:

  • The more features you go for, the more difficult the software can be to use
  • Online customer approval ratings are average

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Best for intelligent reporting and analytics

Microsoft Dynamics isn’t the easiest CRM on the wallet – but it’s certainly easy on the eye. It generates smart, colourful reports to help you stay on top of your customer relationships. You can also create personalised, good-looking emails to lure in lapsed customers with fresh flight deals and discounts. Better still, Dynamics 365 is powered by software giant Microsoft – making it one of the most scalable solutions on the market. All told, it’s a dynamic CRM solution that’ll help your sales soar – 365 days a year.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 pricing

Customer Engagement PlanUnified Operations PlanDynamics 365 PlanApplications and offers
£86.70£143.27£158.36Available on enquiry

All prices are per user, per month (billed annually).


  • Has experience empowering airlines – read more about its partnership with Air Mauritius below
  • Built-in, innovative Artificial Intelligence (AI) lets you make better business decisions

X Cons:

  • One of the most expensive CRM solutions on the market
  • Phone support not available on weekends


Best for customer approval ratings

With a low price point and a no-nonsense approach, UK-based webCRM offers some of the most effective CRM software on the market. It contains task management and analysis tools that are simple to use, so you can stay on top of all your key dates and deals. webCRM is also a clear favourite among users online, with a ‘Great’ Trustpilot rating. But most importantly, it’s CRM software that grows as your airline does – meaning that the sky really is the limit.

webCRM pricing


All prices are per user, per month (billed annually).


  • Seamlessly synchronises with data from your existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system
  • Free 14-day trial makes investment less risky

X Cons:

  • Online reviews suggest user experience (UX) and onboarding support could be improved


Best for flexible pricing

Belgium-based CRM provider Teamleader isn’t as big as some of the other providers here – but what it lacks in brand power, it makes up for with a suite of excellent CRM features. It also comes with fantastic customer support, and an online info hub covering everything from app integrations to GDPR. Teamleader also boasts a range of custom pricing –  add-ons are optional, so you’ll only pay for what you need. This gives you a CRM solution that’s as flexible as your airline is.

Teamleader pricing

CRM£21.55 (€25)
Add ‘Invoicing’ module£21.55 (€25)
Add ‘Projects’ module£43.10 (€50)
Add ‘Support tickets’ module£43.10 (€50)

All prices are for up to two users, per month (billed annually). Every additional user after that incurs an £8.62 (€10) charge per user, per month.

All currency conversions are accurate as of 10/04/2019.


  • Flaunts a wide range of integrations, including MailChimp and WordPress
  • One-click communication history helps you easily keep track of customer relations

X Cons:

  • Prices are only billed in euros
  • Interface is a little basic

British Airways and Salesforce

A CRM case study

Still unsure whether your airline would reap any benefits from adopting CRM software? Looking at real-life examples is a great way to find out how you, too, might benefit from CRM.

British Airways adopted Salesforce CRM in 2014 to re-invigorate its approach to business-to-business (B2B) sales. So what happened?

British Airways flies business travellers all over the world, so it’s fair to say that B2B sales make up a big chunk of its premium revenue. The problem? The staff in charge of those sales were getting bogged down with slow and inefficient processes.

That is, until Salesforce changed everything. Its CRM software helped the airline manage its range of discount fares and incentive schemes. Salesforce also enabled wider collaboration between sales teams, and better planning and reporting, too. And, by digitising the airline’s workflow, CRM reduced human error – not to mention a reliance on spreadsheets.

“With Salesforce, we can maximise the potential and the productivity of our B2B sales team. Our people can spend more time with customers, delivering the personalised service and exceptional value they expect from British Airways.”

  • Ed Millington Jones, Global Sales Enablement Manager

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Next steps

CRM software can revolutionise the way you run your airline. The right CRM system can help you streamline your workload, attract new customers, and make your most faithful flyers feel fabulous. So where to start?

That’s where we can help. Let us help you take the next step towards your CRM destination. Fill out our form to get quotes from top CRM software suppliers in the UK. It takes thirty seconds, and is free of cost – and turbulence!


What are the advantages of CRM for airlines?


A CRM system acts as a central database for your business. It shows you everything you need to know about your customers, deals, and sales pipeline. Having key data about who you’re selling to reduces that heavy admin burden, and lets you turn one-time passengers into air mile enthusiasts.


CRM software is also great for getting lapsed customers to engage with your brand and values. Craft tailored marketing campaigns with special flight deals, and make those former flyers an offer they can’t refuse.


Engaged customers are usually loyal customers, too. Whether it’s a business or an individual, a CRM makes it easy to reward your more well-travelled clients.


Airlines can’t afford to risk losing precious customer data, or risk falling to human error. Toss out the tired spreadsheets and scrap the notebooks – a CRM digitises and streamlines your entire workflow.

What is a cloud-based CRM?

Cloud-based CRM software means your data is stored ‘in the cloud’, rather than directly on your computer. What this means is that you can access it from any device you have around, at any time – and from anywhere with an internet connection.

It also means your team can collaborate more effectively. Whether John’s working from home or Esther’s out in the field, everyone’s on the same page.

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