The Best CRM Software Solutions for Accountants

Accountant using a CRM system to manage clients

Choose the right CRM software for your accounting practice, and build stronger, more resilient client relationships that last

ProX ConBest forPricing from (per user, per month)
FibreCRMBuilt for accountantsNot suitable for small firmsMedium-sized to large practices£30
WorkbooksCCH integrationSlow mobile appNew business development£21
Bitrix24VersatilePoor customer supportAffordability (it’s free!)£9
CapsuleFree 30-day trial availableLimited reporting featuresEase of use£12
InTouchExcellent email marketingNot recommended for Mac usersSmall accounting practices£19

It was once believed that customer relationship management (CRM) systems were only helpful for law firms, or for big businesses like Amazon. Not anymore!

All industries can benefit from good CRM systems, used well – and accounting is no exception. A growing number of accountants are using CRM software to win new clients and maintain large, complex databases of customer relationships. CRM can help your accountancy firm reduce costs, increase your team's efficiency, and improve the quality of your engagement with your network.

So, what are you waiting for? We're breaking down the best CRM software for accountants. Read on for our top picks, or dive into the table above to navigate to our reviews of each accounting CRM provider.

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The best CRM systems for accountants

Looking at price, industry-specific features, and versatility, we found the best CRM systems for accounting practices to be FibreCRM, Workbooks, Bitrix24, Capsule, and InTouch.

The best CRM systems for accountants are:

Let’s find out why.


Best for medium-sized to large accounting practices

Unlike most of its competitors, FibreCRM doesn’t just offer mainstream CRM software with an add-on for accountants. Rather, it’s software created solely and specifically for the accounting industry. FibreCRM’s purpose-built, open source technology provides smart, slick workflows to help you streamline all aspects of running an accounting firm.

Overall Rating :

Whether you want to give clients a more personalised, professional onboarding experience, or just automate the day-to-day drudgery of admin tasks, FibreCRM empowers your practice to do more with your time – and your data.

That's reflected in FibreCRM's core USP – that it covers the whole client journey. Whether that's proposals, engagement letters, AML checks, KYC, FibreCRM employs a uniquely comprehensive approach to accounting CRM.

That said, small firms need to take note – this one’s not for you. FibreCRM is targeted chiefly at catering to medium-sized or larger accounting firms. If this isn’t your bracket, jump to InTouch – our top CRM pick for small accounting practices – or Bitrix24, which is completely free.

FibreCRM pricing

FibreCRM costs £30 per user, per month, but the price you’ll pay for this particular accounting CRM software will vary according to your practice’s size and data requirements. Your bill will also depend on the level of features your require – FibreCRM's KYC (Know Your Customer) module, Outlook plugin, and mobile app all cost extra.

To get an accurate quote, we'd requesting a quote through the FibreCRM team directly. Or, you could use our free, quick quote-finding service to receive offers from a selection of handpicked accounting CRM providers, who’ll be in touch with quotes tailored to your requirements. It’s up to you!


  • Integrates with IRIS and CCH databases, as well as Xero, Sage, and Star Practice Management
  • GDPR-compliant, with top-notch cyber security features
  • Marketing teams – and remote businesses at large – will benefit from FibreCRM's MailChimp, GoToWebinar, and Campaign Monitor integration


  • Not suitable for smaller accounting practices
  • It's only available for Top 100 firms (UK) and Top 200 firms (US)


Best accounting CRM for new business development

The most successful accounting firms rarely rest on their laurels – they’re constantly reaching out to prospects, nurturing leads, and engaging with new clients. So, if your goal in 2021 is to do the same – and take control of your firm’s business development – Workbooks’ savvy CRM solution can help.

Designed to help your firm deliver targeted marketing campaigns, identify cross-selling opportunities, and retain your best billers, Workbooks will help your practice cultivate a more engaged, loyal client base.

Overall Rating :

Fran Kidd, Marketing and Business Development Manager at London-based accountants Shaw Gibbs, describes why her firm chose Workbooks:

“[We] were very impressed by the presentation given by Workbooks. The price was right [and] competitive. I think, fundamentally, the link with CCH was a really big selling point. Intelligent reporting, information management… [it’s great to be] able to make judgment calls on where we’re directing marketing activities, and where we focus our efforts.”

Workbooks pricing

Workbooks’ accounting CRM software comes in four tiers, each catering to different business sizes and budgets: 

CRMCRM ProBusinessBusiness Pro
£21 per user, per month£33 per user, per month£46 per user, per month£56 per user, per month

Though it’s tempting to lump for one of the two cheaper plans, be warned – some of Workbooks’ most crucial features for accountants are only unlocked with the ‘Business’ plan and beyond.

That includes order processing, as well as the ability to create and send invoices. You’ll also need to be on one of Workbooks’ more expensive packages to be able to dispatch credit notes and supplier orders, as well as integrate the software with DocuSign.


  • Offers task and territory management functions
  • Affordable
  • Strong reporting and analytical capabilities


  • Mobile app can be a little slow, and isn't particularly easy to use
  • No on-premise solution available


Best free CRM for accountants

Our gripes with free CRM software are well-documented – and we certainly don’t recommend it for larger practices – but, for small or budget-conscious accountancy firms, Bitrix24 will fit the bill.

And we mean that literally – Bitrix24 integrates with software that allows you to bill clients, manage online payments, and send out quotes and invoices. You’ll also benefit from free document storage, plus zero limits on your customer records, and the amount of users with access to the system. Oh, and did we mention it’s free?

Overall Rating :

Better still, Bitrix24 can be deployed as either a cloud-based or on-premise CRM solution. Put simply, this means you can choose between an option that provides greater control and visibility over your data (on-premise), or one in which your system is accessible 24/7, from anywhere in the world (cloud-based).

Put even more simply, this flexibility makes Bitrix24 a highly versatile (and particularly cost-effective!) CRM solution that’s well-suited to the demanding day-to-day needs of the accounting industry.

Bitrix24 pricing

Yes, it offers a free plan, but its features are somewhat limited. So, as your accounting firm and client base both expand, you’ll want to ensure your tech does too. Here’s what you’ll pay to upgrade:

$24 (£18) per month for two users$69 (£53) per month for six users$99 (£75) per month for 50 users$152 (£116) per month for unlimited users

You’ll need to be paying for at least the ‘Start+’ plan to benefit from Bitrix24’s recurring invoice capability, and be on the ‘Standard’ plan (or higher) to turn quotes into deals and invoices with a click.

Bitrix24 also offers a project management tool for up to 24 users, available for $69 per month. However, we find this software to be a tad cumbersome – particularly when compared to the visual splendour of tools such as, which you can try for free for 14 days here.


  • Source code available, with a range of API (application programming interface) integrations on offer
  • Intuitive calendar planning and scheduling capabilities


  • Free version lacks email marketing features, as well as sales intelligence functionality
  • Limited customer support


Easiest accounting CRM solution to use

Accountants are numbers people, but that doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate a bit of visual flair – and, with Capsule’s slick, stylish interface, you’ll get that in spades.

With drag-and-drop functionality to supercharge the effectiveness of your sales, marketing, and customer service workflows, Capsule offers a simple, intuitive way to visualise your to-do list. Sure, the software isn’t made specifically for accounting teams – but integrations with Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, FreshBooks, and more mean it’ll still tick all the boxes for small practices.

Overall Rating :

Above all, though, Capsule offers value. As well packages that start at just £12 per user, per month, Capsule also provides a free version for up to two users. However, we’d advise against the free plan – it doesn’t offer integrations with the likes of MailChimp or Xero, and comes with just 250MB of storage.

Capsule pricing

Capsule’s basic plan comes with 50,000 contacts, as well as 10GB worth of storage per user. Upgrading to the ‘Teams’ plan gets you advanced forecasting and reporting features – ideal for sales teams – plus user roles and restrictions.

£12 per user, per month£24 per user, per month£48 per user, per month

Purchasing the ‘Enterprise’ plan scores you implementation support, dedicated customer service, and personalised training.


  • Excellent mobile app available for Android and iOS
  • Accessible, transparent rates
  • Free 30-day trial available
  • Pay as you go, and cancel anytime


  • Poor free version
  • Capsule's reporting features are more limited in scope than many of its accounting CRM competitors

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Best CRM software for small accounting firms

When it comes to growing your small accounting practice into a large one, nothing’s more important than your clients. That means staying on top of key accounts, and keeping in touch with your biggest clients. And it’s not always easy – unless, that is, you’re using InTouch’s powerful CRM software for small accounting firms.

Overall Rating :

With InTouch, you can forget fishing around in spreadsheets for key information, and data silos undermining your firm’s progress. With simple management of your contacts, calendar, and communications, InTouch makes it easy to find, engage, convert, and retain clients. With prices starting at just £19 per user, per month, it’s highly affordable, too – and as scalable as it comes.

Read more: The Best CRM Systems for Small Businesses.

InTouch pricing

All InTouch’s pricing plans include SMS marketing, surveys, social media integration, basic automation capabilities, and access to an online knowledge base. Upgrading nets you phone support, and – with the premium plans – a dedicated account manager. You’ll also receive membership to the impressive-sounding “Exclusive Member Area”… though InTouch doesn’t actually make it all that clear what benefits this provides!

£19 per user, per month£25 per user, per month£35 per user, per monthOn request

For a more detailed explanation of how much you can expect to pay for your accounting CRM software, check out our comprehensive guide to CRM software costs.


  • 14-day free trial available
  • Strong email marketing capabilities
  • Offers impressive, UK-based customer support...


  • ...although you’ll need at least the ‘Premium’ plan to unlock the phone-based variety
  • Several reviewers report issues with using the software on a Mac

Next steps

In accounting, numbers will always be the backbone of what you do. But at the end of the day, it’s still people that are the heart and soul of your business – and it’s vital that your firm puts them first. 

That’s why a CRM system is so integral to all accounting firms, big or small. And indeed, opting for accounting CRM isn’t a question of “should I?” but one of “which provider should I choose?”. Because the right CRM software for you will always depend on the size and unique situational requirements of your accounting firm – and it’s not always easy to make the right choice.

Luckily, we take all that into account when you take advantage of our free quote-finding service. We’ll ask for a few details about your accounting firm’s CRM requirements – such as the features you’re interested in, and the number of users who’ll need access to the system – and then match you with one or more leading CRM providers.

These handpicked companies will then be in touch with your firm directly, to offer advice and personalised CRM quotes.

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