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CRM Software for Accountants, Reviews and Prices

Some people may think that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is only relevant for specific industries, such as the retail and leisure industries, however CRM software can have a number of benefits for other business types and accounting is a great example.

CRM and accounting

In the same way that accounting firms take financial details and turn them into readable, detailed reports, CRM software can do the same for your customers – taking their details and information about their habits to make managing your customer relationships easier, quicker and more efficient.

CRM software can be combined with a number of accounting specific programmes to streamline your operations and make your business, large or small, more efficient.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics provides CRM solutions for a number of industries and have tailored solutions for accounting. Understanding that businesses need to stand out from their competition and offer their customers a better service, Microsoft Dynamicsis easy to use and can help save your business time and money.

With the option to make target marketing campaigns, easy integration with other software and helping your staff to get a better overall view of your customers, Microsoft Dynamics is a great choice for both new and existing businesses looking to benefit from CRM. Pricing options vary according to the level of service required.

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A great accompaniment for its other accounting software, Pegasus CRM solutions using its Opera 3 model, helps businesses to manage customer interactions right from the first point of contact. It promises to help you source customers as well as provide you with the tools to better manage your customer relationships, with everything from automatic mailings to data collection. It’s a great system which can work remotely making it ideal for businesses with more than one location. Prices available directly from Pegasus.

There are many options available online for those looking for CRM software for their accounting business and the above are just a small selection of what is out there.