How Much Does CRM Software Really Cost in 2022?

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Free trial?14-day30-day7-day21-day14-day30-day15-day
Free plan?XXX
Entry-level CRM software costs
Mid-range CRM software costs
Sales£60 – £120*£369**N/A£29*£9*£45*£18 – £35*
Marketing£1,000**£655£119**£9*N/A£18 – £35*
Customer Service£60 – £120*£297**N/A£35*£9*£65*£18 – £35*
Advanced CRM software costs
Sales£240*£990**On request£55£14*£79*£42*
Marketing£3,200**£2,624**On request£239**£14*N/A£42*
Service£240*£990**On request£60* £14*£79*£42*
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*Per user, per month

**Per month

Margins and bottom line profits are all but inescapable in modern business.

That's why, for companies interested in using a customer relationship management (CRM) system to supercharge sales, optimise their marketing, and provide better customer support, the first question is inevitably… “How much will it cost?”.

So without further ado, here’s the short answer.

CRM software costs: an overview

CRM systems cost anywhere from £7 per user, per month for a basic setup. Mid-range CRM software costs anywhere from £9 per user, per month to in excess of £297 per user, per month – it all depends on the amount of features you require to boost your sales and customer service efforts.

At the pricier end of the scale, advanced CRM software costs a minimum of £14 per user, per month except in the case of more simplistic systems, such as though realistically, you’re looking at paying in the region of £79 per user, per month and above.

For the longer answer, we recommend reading on. We’ve crunched the prices of seven of the leading CRM systems in the UK, analysing plans, features, and price tags to give you everything you need to know about CRM software costs in 2021:

Before you get started, we feel obliged to mention that – though we’ve made the pricing information below as simple to digest as possible – there is an even easier way to compare CRM software costs… and it’ll take just 30 seconds.

Simply provide us with a few details about the kind of CRM features you’re interested in, and some specifics about the size of your team. With this info, we’ll match you with one or more of the CRM suppliers that meet your requirements. They’ll then be in touch with quotes tailored to your business’ needs.


  • Starts at £20 per user, per month for sales and service teams
  • Caps at £3,200 per month for marketing teams
  • Analytics add-on available from an extra £60 per user, per month
  • 14-day free trial
  • No free version

Salesforce’s lion’s share of the market and unbeatable analytical tools come at a price. Although this industry leading CRM starts cheap – with the ‘Essentials’ plan costing only £20 per user, per month – you’ll need to upgrade to the ‘Professional’ plan (£60 per user, per month) for most of Salesforce’s best features, such as sales forecasting and detailed reports.

Sales Cloud£20£60£120£240
Service Cloud£20£60£120£240*

*All pricing is displayed per user, per month

Larger businesses should find plenty to love about Salesforce’s ‘Enterprise’ plan (£120 per user, per month), which introduces workflow and approval automation and advanced reporting features. 

At £240 per user, per month, Salesforce’s ‘Unlimited’ plan is targeted at businesses with more… flexible budgets. And, if we’re honest, there doesn’t appear to be huge value in spending the cash to upgrade – though it will unlock 24/7 technical help and support.

Salesforce isn’t transparent about pricing when it comes to its ‘Marketing Cloud’. This isn’t too surprising, though – there are many different elements that make up Salesforce’s bespoke product for marketing teams, so it’s hard to know exactly what your business will pay. It will be something in this ballpark, though:

Email, mobile, and web‘Pardot’ B2B Marketing
Marketing Cloud£320 per month£1,000 to 3,200 per month

If the rapid growth of your business means you also require analytical CRM software, Einstein Analytics is available as an add-on service to Salesforce’s sales, marketing, and customer service modules.

Einstein Analytics£60 per user, per month£100 per user, per month£120 per user, per month

Want to know more? Read our dedicated Salesforce review, spruced up for 2021.


  • Starts at £38 per month for sales and service teams
  • Caps at £990 per month for sales and service teams, and £2,624 per month for marketing
  • Incurs a one-off onboarding fee that can be as low as £205, or as high as £9,820
  • 30-day free trial
  • Excellent free version

Don’t let HubSpot’s complex pricing plans make your head spin. Essentially, all it does is split its CRM offerings into three packages – sales, marketing, and customer service. The ‘Growth Suite’ is just a fancy name for all three of those functions, bundled together in a single package for a lower price.

Starter (2 paid users, 1,000 contacts included)Professional (5 paid users, 1,000 contacts included)Enterprise (10 paid users, 10,000 contacts included)Additional 1,000 contactsAdditional users
Sales Hub£38 (£42*) £1,314 (£1,461)£4,110N/A£21 to £80 each
Service Hub£38 (£42*)£1,314 (£1,461)£4,110N/A£21 to £98 each
Marketing Hub£38 (£42*)£1,314 (£1,461)£4,110£8 to £42 per monthN/A
Growth Suite£42£1,314 (£1,461)£4,110£6 to £31.50£50.25 to £60 each**

Start your 30-day free trial now

* When monthly, rather than annual, billing is selected

**All prices are shown per month

And, at just £42 per month for up to two users, it’s this Growth Suite that offers the best value for small businesses. Of course, there are a few hidden fees you’ll want to know about before you sign up – most notably, HubSpot’s CRM onboarding costs:

Sales HubN/A£205£2,460
Service HubN/A£205£2,460
Marketing HubN/A£2,450£4,900
Growth SuiteN/A£2,860£9,820

And, as you can see in the full pricing table above, you’ll also have to pay to increase the number of users with access to the system, and to upgrade the number of contacts permitted. You can also pay extra to access the following features:

  • Ads increases your ad spend limit and adds hourly audience syncing for £60 per month
  • Custom SSL is a premium service for encrypting and securing your website’s content, and costs £60 per month
  • Reporting increases your dashboards limit and enables additional custom reporting capabilities for £123 per month
  • API (application programming interface) adds to your API call volume for integrating HubSpot with external services, and prices up at £307.50 per month

All in all, HubSpot is cheap for small businesses. However, as your operations balloon (and your CRM requirements follow suit), HubSpot’s add-ons and extra costs can quickly become unmanageable.

Want to know more about what the best CRM systems for small businesses can do for you? Explore our bumper guide, or hit one of the buttons below to start comparing quotes.


  • Its on-premise CRM starts at £41 per user, per month for sales and service teams
  • Cloud-based CRM pricing begins at £64 per user, per month
  • All plans come with phone support
  • Bespoke prices are available for businesses with more demanding requirements
  • 7-day free trial for Sugar Sell
  • No free version

SugarCRM is another fine example of the confusing nature of CRM software costs. Though its modules for sales and service are reasonably priced at £64 per user, per month apiece, SugarCRM’s marketing product – clocking in at a whopping £1,000 per month – is a bona fide budget-buster for small businesses.


ProductStarting price
Sell£64 per user, per month
Serve£64 per user, per month
Market£1,000 per month

That’s for its cloud-based CRM options, anyway. If you’re operating on a shoestring – or you’d prefer the customisability offered by an open source software solution – you can opt for SugarCRM’s on-premise system. Starting at £41 per user, per month, it does work out slightly cheaper. 

But be warned – on-premise CRM typically costs more to get set up and maintain than its cloud-based counterpart, and SugarCRM is no different.

Jump to: CRM implementation costs


ProductStarting price
Professional£41 per user, per month
Enterprise£67 per user, per month

SugarCRM also charges an additional fee for certain integrations. Products that expand the CRM’s functionality (such as Oktopost, Collabspot, Hint, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator) will cost extra, though they’re not mandatory.

Did You Know?

Did you know? SugarCRM may not offer free CRM software, but plenty of other providers do. Why not explore what they can do for your small business, today?

Freshworks CRM

  • Starts at £11 per user, per month for service teams
  • Starts at £25 per user, per month for sales teams
  • Starts at £15 per month for marketing teams
  • 21-day free trial
  • Impressive free version

Freshworks CRM (formerly Freshsales) offers three products for UK businesses – Freshsales, Freshmarketer, and Freshdesk (we’ll let you guess what they’re for!). With a free version and its ‘Customer-for-Life Cloud‘ package (which pairs sales and marketing features with chat and telephony) available from just £25 per user, per month, Freshworks CRM is an affordable CRM pick. If you want to make the most of Freshworks CRM's more high-end capabilities, though, we recommend upgrading to at least the ‘Pro’ plan (£55 per user, per month). It unlocks 3,000 contacts, conference calling, and territory management, while allowing you to receive and reply to WhatsApp and Apple messages – all from within the ease and convenience of the CRM's interface.

Here's how that ‘Customer-for-Life Cloud' plan prices up:

Customer-for-Life Cloud£25*£55*£99*

Freshworks CRM's ‘Enterprise’ plan (£99 per user, per month, when you select the ‘Customer-for-Life Cloud' plan) is a tad expensive, sure – but it does unlocks audit logs, and provides you with a dedicated account manager.

Of course, if you don't require both sales and marketing – and will settle for one or the other – you can explore Freshworks CRM's individual cloud options.

Here's how much Freshsales will cost you:


* When monthly, rather than annual, billing is selected

** All prices are shown per user, per month

Pricing is similar for Freshmarketer (Freshworks CRM’s solution for marketing teams). Remember, though, that you'll be charged a simple, flat monthly fee for Marketing Cloud, rather than having to pay per user:


Freshdesk (Freshworks CRM’s answer for customer service teams), however, is priced slightly differently:

Freshdesk£11 (£15*)£25 (£34*)£37 (£54*)£75 (£95*)**

* When monthly, rather than annual, billing is selected

** All prices are shown per user, per month

Again, we recommend opting for at least the Garden plan (£25 per user, per month) – that is, if you want to benefit from performance reports and a multilingual knowledge base. Opting for Freshdesk’s most expensive plans offers more customisability, but won’t be required by smaller businesses.

Get Freshworks CRM free for 21 days

  • Starts at £7 per user, per month for a minimum of five users
  • 24/7 customer support included with all plans
  • 14-day free trial
  • Free version available

With prices starting at just £7 per user, per month,’s ‘Basic’ plan provides an affordable entry point into the project management software space. For the money, you’ll get unlimited ‘boards’, viewable by an unlimited number of collaborators – though you’ll be restricted to just 5GB of data storage.

£7 (£9*)£9 (£11*)£14 (£18*)On request

* When monthly, rather than annual, billing is selected

Shelling out a little more for’s most popular ‘Standard’ plan adds timeline and calendar views to your interface, as well as integration with Zoom. And, at just £9 per user, per month, we reckon it’s certainly worth the extra outlay.

Upgrading to the ‘Pro’ plan (£14 per user, per month) increases your storage capacity to 100GB, and enables time tracking and private boards. Enterprise-level quotes are available on request, and introduce advanced reporting and tailored onboarding.


  • Starts at £5 per agent, per month for customer service teams
  • Starts at £19 per seat, per month for sales teams
  • Monthly billing is between 35% and 60% more expensive
  • 30-day free trial
  • No free version

Though Zendesk doesn’t have a marketing automation product, it makes up for it with highly affordable solutions for sales and service-focussed businesses. For £5 per agent, per month, your customer service team will benefit from a CRM system with a full interaction history, as well as email and social media integration.


** All prices are shown per seat/agent, per month

‘Team’ (£15 per agent, per month) adds performance dashboards into the bargain, while Zendesk for Service's ‘Professional’ plan – at £39 per agent, per month – offers the best value. As well as unlocking multilingual content – crucial for diverse customer service teams – it provides advanced dashboards and reporting via its analytics tool, Zendesk Explore.

For sales hotshots, Zendesk for Service's ‘Team’ plan (£19 per seat, per month) provides a customisable pipeline, as well as email tracking, call recording, and smart lists. Purchasing the ‘Professional’ plan (£45 per seat, per month) lets you send emails in bulk – a useful feature for marketing teams, too – and enables you to embed a tailored lead capture form into your business’ website.


  • Starts at £10 per user, per month
  • Caps at £36 per user, per month
  • Analytics add-on available from an extra £18 per month
  • 15-day free trial
  • Free version available

If the simplicity of Zoho’s interface is matched by anything, it’s the transparency and straightforwardness of its pricing. Zoho doesn’t split up its products for sales, marketing, or service – its CRM costs are all rolled into a single package.

£10 (£14*)£16 (£24*)£30 (£36*)£36** (£44*)

* When monthly, rather than annual, billing is selected

** All prices are shown per user, per month

That said, Zoho’s pricing plans still offer plenty of flexibility. If you’re keeping the purse strings tight, the ‘Standard’ plan (£10 per user, per month) provides sufficient pipelines, dashboards, and workflows to keep your small business ticking over. Likewise, Zoho’s ‘Professional’ plan (£16 per user, per month) adds real-time customer notifications and inventory management features.

As is the case with most CRM providers, Zoho’s upper tiers are basically just for bigger businesses that have more rigorous reporting requirements. Zoho Analytics – the CRM supplier's add-on module, built for enterprise-level companies – can be added to any plan for £18 per month.

CRM implementation costs

There is one aspect of CRM software costs we haven’t specifically addressed yet – one we get asked about a lot. CRM implementation costs… do they exist? And how much are they?

Well, the truth is that the presence of this pesky extra cost depends on the type of CRM software you choose – or, more specifically, its mode of deployment.

There are two main methods of CRM deployment: cloud-based and on-premise. 

CRM implementation costs: cloud-based

Cloud-based systems (a group to which all of the above software belongs) come with few implementation costs. Because all your data will be stored in and accessible from ‘the cloud’ (i.e. on servers hosted by your CRM provider), the software is much easier to set up and maintain.

Of course, that doesn’t stop some providers from charging an implementation fee. HubSpot is bad for this, with implementation fees of up to £9,820 for large businesses (though you can negate these by onboarding with a certified HubSpot partner).

CRM implementation costs: on-premise

Unlike with cloud-based CRM software, on-premise systems aren’t charged on a monthly basis. Rather, you’ll pay a one-off fee for the system, which is then yours to customise and build on as you like.  Unfortunately, this includes CRM implementation fees.

Implementation costs for on-premise systems depend on the CRM provider you’ve selected, as well as the complexity and scope of the system you’re installing.

Cloud-based or on-premise… which is cheaper? Head to our page on the best cloud-based CRM systems to find out.

Watch: How much does a CRM system really cost?

As you’ve seen, the real costs of CRM lie in the specific functions you require, as well as how rapidly your business is looking to scale. Here’s Customer Services Manager Scott Christie to explain more about the true costs of CRM:

How to keep CRM costs to a minimum

By now, you probably have a decent idea of how much you want to spend on a CRM system, as well as the features and level of reporting capabilities you’ll require. 

The next step is to compare prices. But how?

Well, you could spend hours scouring the internet and contacting different providers.

Or, you could complete our quick questionnaire to receive same-day quotes from up to six leading CRM providers. Simply provide us with some details about your requirements – such as what contact management software you’re already using, how large your team is, and the specific CRM features you’re interested in – and we’ll do the rest.

The whole process takes less than a minute, and it’s completely free. Plus, there’s no obligation to go with any of the providers we match you with – so you’ve got nothing to lose.

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