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Cloud CRM Systems

With a cloud CRM system all your data is held online. This has a couple of advantages for businesses. Firstly it means your data is accessible from any computer with an internet connection, and secondly, as you data is held in a secure location, you are far less likely to suffer data loss. Here we look at some of the best CRM products available on the market.

Tracker RMS CRM

Trackers RMS have produced a feature rich comprehensive CRM package for business users in all different sectors. Every aspect of the sales cycle is tracked through the opportunity management and sales force automation features. Tracker RMS software includes;
  • forecasting
  • account management
  • pipeline management
  • contact tracking
  • automated alerts
  • integrated links to your company website
  • the ability to link with social network sites such as LinkedIn
  • marketing campaign management
The software comes with a mobile data application and is designed to work with all Microsoft products. There are six different pricing levels for the Tracker CRM software, ranging from £15 per user per month for the Lite version up to £50 per user per month for the most feature heavy version designed for unlimited users

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Maximizer Cloud CRM

Maximizer Cloud CRM is a fully customisable product which is designed for easy use due to its intuitive dashboard features. The software includes sales force automation which increases sales team productivity, marketing campaign management which allows you to create carefully targeted campaigns, and high quality management reporting for senior staff. Additionally, Maximizer CRM has LinkedIn integration allowing users to connect to customer profiles and there is a customer support function to increase customer retention. Prices for the Maximixer Cloud software start from £30 per user per month for an unlimited number of users. New clients are also offered a 30 day free trial.

Sage Cloud CRM

Sage has over 3 million users of their CRM product across the world and it is used in almost every type of industry. Sage Cloud CRM is an all inclusive software package which includes;
  • sales automation workflow management
  • opportunity tracking
  • easy to use dashboard overviews
  • marketing campaign analysis
  • email marketing
  • detailed management information
The software also integrates fully with all their finance software packages Sage offers two editions of this software for different sized businesses; 1. The Essentials version which costs £20 per user per month 2. The Professional edition priced at £50 per user per month. Unlike some other suppliers, Sage has a minimum 12 month contract for new customers.

Plan Plus CRM

Plan Plus is set up to provide CRM to businesses in the areas of finance, insurance and property. Features of their Plan Plus software include;
  • email marketing campaigns
  • lead tracking
  • project management
  • forecasting
  • calendaring
  • invoicing
Prices start at £50 per user, per year for the Planner version and go up to £180 per user per year for the Business edition. These prices include full customer support.

Hub Spot CRM

The CRM package provided by Hub Spot includes personalised email campaigns, lead management, sales force automation and detailed analytics. Additionally, in a bid to attract more customers to your company, it also includes SEO, socials inbox and blogging features. Hub Spot allows users to customise the software to suit their particular needs. Hub Spot has a different pricing structure when compared to other CRM providers in that their charges are based on contacts not users. For up to 1,000 contacts, the software costs £70 per month, while at the other end of the scale for 40,000 contacts, it is priced at £1,120 per month. New customers are also given a full breakdown of the benefits offered to their company when investing in this CRM package.