Common CRM Problems & Solutions

By Rob Binns | Senior Writer

Whilst Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are effective for helping businesses to better connect with customers as well as improving the way businesses are run, users can unfortunately encounter issues which mean that they fail to use CRM to its full potential which can prove to be a big waste of time and money.

Low Employee Engagement


Sometimes getting to grips with a new system, particularly when old systems have been in place for a long time, can mean that staff are reluctant to use the new CRM software.


Showing all staff levels, including management, how beneficial a CRM system can be to helping to improve the business as well as perhaps offering staff incentives for positive results using the system, can help to combat this.

Customers are Unhappy


If, for example, you’re using CRM to create automated customer services systems, it may prove to be a nuisance for customers who prefer to have more personal contact. They might choose to go elsewhere or seek other forms of communication such as email.


Trialing your systems properly and striking a balance between efficiency and personal contact can help to ensure you keep your customers happy.

The CRM is Unsuitable for Business Requirements


Often, businesses are not fully informed and can end up investing in a CRM package that is unsuitable for their needs. Some software is designed to be hosted on single platforms, which is fine for small businesses. Larger businesses will need to consider alternative options and research these thoroughly.


Larger business should look towards cloud-based CRM software packages which will enable them to access their data across many locations whenever they need. Plenty of CRM companies offer free trials or a limited free service which can be useful for trialing different products. Explore some of the best free CRM systems here.

Missing Crucial Data


Being clever with the kind of data you choose to collect can make a big different in your CRM’s effectiveness. Simply collecting sales data and personal details is no longer enough to stay ahead of the competition.


The best CRM systems will integrate with your social media channels – tracking interactions and engagement is a crucial tool. Actively engaging with your customers on social media can help you develop a better understanding of your customers and help enhance their experience. A good CRM system will allow you to capitalise on this ever-growing channel.

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Security Issues


The very nature of CRM software poses the potential for mistreatment of data. Such large databases, some holding hundreds of thousands of personal details, are stored online and accessed by teams around the globe.


Mitigate these risks by introducing regular and thorough testing of your CRM package. Make sure employees are fully trained in how to handle sensitive information, and ensure your internal security systems are robust enough to inhibit external hacks. As with all online services, storing sensitive data is never 100% risk-free, but there are important measure you can take to drastically minimise these risks.

Out-of-Date Information


Customer data changes often and changes frequently. Customer’s tastes are constantly evolving and it is crucial that marketers do not fall behind by using old information.


Regularly auditing your data and asking your customers to verify their details regularly is an easy and effective way to ensure your available data stays relevant.

Whilst businesses can encounter problems with CRM systems, they can usually be resolved through seeking expert advice as well as seeking out the most effective CRM provider for your needs. Fill in the form at the top of this page to discover the ideal CRM provider for your current business needs.

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