Coca Cola CRM Case Study

By Rob Binns | Senior Writer

To help businesses decide which CRM system is best for their company, looking at another company such as Coca-Cola's customer relationship tools can be informative.

Like many large businesses, Coca-Cola has to handle its customer relationship effectively. By using the latest modern technology to help them handle issues and customer needs, Coca-Cola has formed an excellent relationship with both customers and future clients.

Coca-Cola Overview

One of the most iconic soft drinks manufacturers in the world, Coca-Cola has a brand which is recognised throughout the globe. Now, 130 years since its founding, the company has products in more than 200 countries, and sell around 1.7 million products a day.

The brand is so well recognised that it is important for the business to communicate effectively with customers, in a continual battle to stay relevant and boost its performance for both customers and the general public. This is why the right CRM software was so important to Coca-Cola.

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Coca Cola's CRM Needs

As with most companies that have been around for more than a hundred years, Coca-Cola has tried and rejected a number of different ways of reaching out to their customers. In the fast paced world of the Internet, big companies are repeatedly finding themselves outpaced by smaller businesses that are more able to quickly adapt to changing demands.

Coca-Cola realised that they needed to be more adaptable, and to be able to scale their business up and down according to the demands of individual customers – in this case final stage buyers such as small retailers and fast food servers.

Finding the Right CRM Solution

Coca-Cola needed to have several elements in their new CRM system. As noted, one of the most important requirements was the speed of delivery, and being able to connect to retailers and distributors throughout the globe quickly.

Coca-Cola had tried several different systems, but found that they were not 100% able to provide the connection that the company wanted. This meant that corporate and customer relations managers were not able to interact with field reps or bottling departments in time. One of the biggest issues was in the technical and repair departments, where there were slow sync uptimes, frequent downtimes, and users were generally dissatisfied with the service.

The company which Coca-Cola decided to rely upon was asked SalesForce. This company were able to offer them adaptable CRM tools which would allow them to both manage the general public's opinion of the brand, and help them connect more effectively with their existing customers. Using a cloud connection system allowed the departments to connect to each other and to improve their customer care practices.

Coca-Cola is now able to quickly deal with customer issues which could otherwise take days to resolve, and describe the new CRM technology as ‘connecting the dots'. Everybody within the Coca-Cola team can now see issues as soon as they occur. Mobile apps can also provide access to customer history immediately, generate repair and work orders, and send out field technicians in real time. Using the CRM features globally, Coca-Cola can monitor customer behaviour, social media and more general online brand perception, and this can be used remotely to promote offers and promotions.

Coca-Cola is a large company, but for any businesses that supply to other retailers, it can be important to use your CRM technology in this manner to provide the best support.

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