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Capsule CRM Review

In the six years since its founding, Capsule has gathered a segment of the market interested in easy-to-use CRM solutions. With a focus on sales pipeline management, Capsule CRM provides affordable services and a simple interface. Instead of trying to be all things to all businesses, the company hones in on the features businesses are most likely to need to accomplish sales goals. Capsule's software encourages sales teams to focus on what they need to accomplish their monthly targets. Users are directed to set goals and follow up on opportunities, helping them stay organized throughout each workday.
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Product, Service and Solutions

Capsule has five major features, each providing benefits specific to a sales professional's daily business needs. These are:
  • Contacts - Each contact is presented in a visually-appealing box that includes name, business and title, social media contacts, and customizable tags identifying specific information about that person. Contacts can be easily shared with other team members and can be imported from applications such as Outlook, Gmail, vCard and spreadsheets.
  • Pipeline Management - Sales teams can easily track opportunities, share opportunities with other team members for follow up, and attach notes and documents.
  • Calendars and Tasks - Users can get better organized through to-do lists and calendars. Tasks can be linked with specific contacts or opportunities for easier tracking.
  • Custom Categories - By creating categories specific to your business, your sales team can find everything it needs for a specific opportunities or leads in one place.
  • Group Management - Through the use of Capsule's list feature, users can group customers by where they're located or how you've tagged them over the months. This makes it easy to identify opportunities or create mailing lists.
In addition to all of these features, businesses also have access to add-ons that allow them to create proposals and invoice customers. Capsule CRM is free for up to two users, which includes 250 contacts and unlimited opportunities. A paid plan that adds more contacts and integrations costs only £7.75 per month per user.

Case Studies

Community Research LogoCommunity Research moved to Capsule CRM from a mishmash of applications that included Excel and Gmail. Through this new system, the research firm's team can now view contact details on leads and customers from anywhere in the world.Gel Studios LogoUK-based GEL Studios Ltd. has seen remarkable improvements in its daily business processes since switching to Capsule CRM. The website design firm has been especially impressed with the app's integration with FreeAgent for its accounting functions.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Advantages of using Capsule's CRM software include:
  • Capsule is an affordable, easy-to-use CRM solution that helps sales teams convert leads.
  • Integrations allow for advanced features for users who choose the professional plan.
  • Free plan contains many of the features small businesses need.
There are also drawbacks to Capsule CRM, including:
  • The app's simplicity keeps it from being an all-in-one solution.
  • Some difficulty in storing emails sent within the system to outside email apps such as Outlook.


Capsule CRM is ideal for small businesses with limited budgets that still need sales support tools. The free plan is full featured, giving teams everything they need to support their business functions from day to day. However, this simplicity might make it difficult for the solution to scale as a business grows, but integrations with popular outside apps could help with the additional functions it needs. For larger businesses, Capsule CRM may not be the best option. More expensive CRMs offer a suite of solutions that can better support big teams and the per-user price for Capsule's professional edition would be cost prohibitive for the small number of extra features it offers. With a 30-day free trial, businesses of all sizes that think it might be the best choice for their business model can try and see for themselves.