Best 4 CRM systems for hedge funds

By Rob Binns | Senior Writer

Streamline your work and impress your investors

As a hedge fund manager, you’re relied on to make huge decisions for high-net worth investors. It’s a stressful job, but what’s more stressful is getting bogged down with day-to-day admin and chores – especially when what you want to be doing is focussing on growing your portfolio and impressing your investors. That’s where a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool comes in.

A CRM platform can help you speed up and automate your processes. You can manage your relationships with investors, keep track of contacts, and streamline your sales and marketing efforts – all from one place.

With such fierce competition to retain clients, can you afford to slip behind your rivals and lose touch with an investor? No. But how do you choose the CRM system that’s right for your hedge fund?

That’s where we come in. Expert Market has done the research and identified the top 4 CRM systems for hedge funds on the market. These tools are designed specifically for people like you to save you time and simplify your workload. But we won’t keep you on the hedge of your seat any longer. Read on for our expert picks, or get free quotes from top CRM suppliers by taking a minute to fill out this form.

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Best CRM systems for hedge funds

CRM systems are being used by more and more hedge fund managers

The top 4 CRM systems

We looked at the hedge fund-specific CRM systems available in 2018 and handpicked our favourites. The best CRM systems for hedge funds include Navatar for Salesforce, SatuitCRM, Dynamo Hedge Fund Edition, and Backstop.

ToolKey featureStar rating
Navatar for SalesforceData intelligence
SatuitCRMTravel and meeting planning
Dynamo Hedge Fund EditionProcess automation
BackstopInvestor relations
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Navatar for Salesforce

Best for data intelligence

Salesforce is an industry giant, and comes with a hugely powerful brand. Salesforce doesn’t offer a hedge fund solution directly –instead, it integrates with an app called Navatar. Navatar is an intelligent tool available on Salesforce’s AppExchange. It offers portfolio management as well as fundraising and investor relations features.

Star Rating:

Navatar for Salesforce lets you build up key data by tracking your interactions and deals. This intelligence lets you better manage potential clients and earn the trust of would-be investors. You can quickly grow a bank of information to get the edge over your competitors. And integration with hundreds of apps means it slots seamlessly into the way you run your business.


  • Salesforce is one of the most well-known and trusted brands in CRM
  • Intuitive and accessible interface

X Cons:

  • Customer support can be slow or unhelpful
  • One of the more expensive tools on the market

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Best for travel and meeting planning

Unlike a couple of other names here, SatuitCRM dedicates itself solely to catering to hedge fund managers. Satuit lets you manage and view your investor pipeline. It takes the hassle out of organising meetings and large conference calls. And its mobile software helps you plan your travel if you’re working on the road.

Star Rating:

Satuit also has an accessible and visually striking interface. It lets you produce reports that look great and keeps them stored in one location. You can send these reports out to investors on a regular basis, so it’s easier than ever to keep them in the loop.


  • 24 years of experience in providing CRM for hedge funds
  • Easy to implement with strong customer support

X Cons:

  • Lacks the same level of app integrations as other CRM systems

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Dynamo Hedge Fund Edition

Best for process automation

With 20 years of experience and 300 hedge fund manager clients around the world, Dynamo is a big name. Its hedge fund-specific CRM aims to improve the quality and speed of your fundraising and compliance efforts.

Star Rating:

Dynamo saves you time by streamlining your workflow and automating key processes. This allows you to focus on what you do best – building positive relationships with your investors. It creates automated reports and provides intuitive, user-specific dashboards. Dynamo helps you stay on top of your workload and manage your investment portfolio from one place.


  • Intuitive integration with Microsoft Office
  • Well-optimised for use on mobile

X Cons:

  • Getting it set up can be tricky
  • Evening and weekend support not available

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Best for investor relations

As a hedge fund manager, your investors are the heart and soul of what you do – and your CRM system should reflect that. Backstop’s clever CRM platform makes managing your large network of investors easy. It lets you track their balance and capital activity, while its detailed reports help you to manage business risk.

Star Rating:

The ‘Backstop Portal’ feature is also great for breaking down the communication barriers between you and your investors, allowing you to provide your investors with information about their account online. This smooth, simple exchange makes things easy for you and equals a satisfying experience for your investors.


  • Easily customisable
  • Highly responsive to feedback and constantly improving

X Cons:

  • Mobile app feels a bit outdated
  • Reporting can be slow and email integration laggy

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CRM for hedge funds comparison

Expert verdict

All these CRM systems excel in at least one aspect, though we’re backing Salesforce as the top provider out there. It’s a powerful and proven tool with a sparkling interface. Its range of intuitive features cut the hassle out of running a hedge fund, and we reckon its memory-building and data intelligence just gives it the edge over its rivals. This makes it more than worthy of your investment.

Next steps

Managing your hedge fund without a CRM system like Salesforce doesn’t just make things more difficult: it’s a fund-amental mistake. And with CRM systems like these four on the market, there’s no excuse to brush off how they can improve your hedge fund management.

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What is CRM?

Customer/Client Relationship Management (CRM) is software used by businesses around the world. A CRM system stores details of your customers and your interactions with them. It’s a reliable way of keeping everyone in your team on the same page. And it helps your business to keep your customers around and drive more sales.

What is a cloud-based CRM system?

A cloud-based system is great for businesses with bigger teams. It lets members log in via the internet, making for a faster and more collaborative approach. Cloud-based CRM systems also let your team log in from their smartphones or tablets, so they can work from anywhere (with Wi-Fi!).

How much is a CRM system?

Prices differ based on the supplier and plan you choose. You’ll commonly pay a monthly rate, which will likely be a fixed cost per user. To get prices, pop your details into our quick form.

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