ACT! CRM Software Review 2020

By Rob Binns | Senior Writer

ACT! is a type of customer relationship software that aims to streamline the communication process between businesses and their customers, potential clients and target audiences.

Effective communication techniques can help establish stronger relationships in both B2B and B2C terms, increasing reputation and profitability.

Existing customers of the ACT! CRM software have also reported reduced outgoings due to more efficient administration, decreasing the need for ongoing recruitment costs.

Targeting Customers at the Right Time

One of the most beneficial aspects of the ACT! CRM software is the system’s ability to help businesses determine the best time to contact each demographic.

This could be something as simple as sending promotional emails at midday, a time when many potential customers are looking for ways to fill their lunch break. Or something more complex such as determining the right time of year for newsletters and product launches, based on emerging and re-emerging trends.

It’s also easy to ensure communication reaches everyone, with integrated address books that put an end to contact losses and missed opportunities.

Internal Benefits

The ACT! CRM software has numerous benefits for business internally as well as externally. The software comes preloaded with templates to ensure that every piece of communication that goes outside of the company is professionally designed to increase customers’ peace of mind that they are dealing with a legitimate business.

The software is largely customisable, so businesses can make alterations to ensure all reports are in keeping with the business’ s brand.

Choosing the Right Product

The ACT! CRM software is available in two different forms:

1. ACT! CRM Pro

2. ACT! CRM Premium

The differences between the two are largely negligible, although the size of a business is instrumental in determining the right product. Both versions are suited to SMEs exclusively, although the Pro version allows for just 10 users, whereas the Premium version can handle 50+ individual users.

There are a few small variations between the two, with the Premium version including a web interface and added security, but besides this there is really no greater advantage of the Premium version over the Pro version.

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As the ACT! CRM software is an off-the-shelf product rather than a bespoke software solution, it’s unlikely to be a hundred percent perfect match for every company. There can be a few downsides to the product, so here are some aspects to be aware of:

The software is designed exclusively for SMEs, and while the ACT! CRM Premium version is capable of handling large databases, it’s not a suitable product for very large corporations. Unfortunately, there is no similar alternative for large businesses, so these companies will need to look into different brands.

In early 2013, the ACT! CRM software was purchased by Swiftpage. The future of the software is therefore uncertain, and any changes made to the system may render compatibility with Sage products obsolete.

Some customers have reported that the software is very slow to run, and prone to freezing. However, it is possible these problems will be addressed by Swiftpage.

ACT! CRM – Pricing Information

Pricing is one of the most attractive aspects of ACT! CRM, being one of the most cost effective options on the market despite being developed by such a well established brand.

ACT! CRM Pro costs *£195 for a single user, rising to *£1,650 for 10 users (excluding VAT).

If you’re not sure if the software will be good for your business or not, there is a free online demo to help you decide.

Additionally, if you find your business has adapted well to ACT! CRM Pro, you can trade in the software for a 25 percent discount on the Premium version.

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