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Veolia Commercial Waste Services Review

Having the services of a trusted waste management provider like Veolia is a real advantage for businesses in the UK. Firms using Veolia benefit greatly from the numerous services they provide, along with the excellent level of customer care. With different types of waste, it’s vital that the service provider can take care of everything for you. With nearly two decades of experience, Veolia do not disappoint.

Commercial Waste Services from Veolia

Commercial waste services provided by Veolia include commercial recycling and food waste collection. Everything is taken care of legally, with minimal impact to the business and the environment. A free quote is provided, but for businesses looking to improve their waste management the free audit is an excellent service to take full advantage of.

The audit will determine the best possible waste management solutions, often giving businesses new methods of reducing waste and the negative impact waste has on the environment.

1. Commercial Recycling

Discovering which materials are recyclable and minimising waste production are two excellent benefits of using Veolia. Commercial Recycling is a cost-effective waste management service that ensures firms meet waste management legislation and improve sustainability. Reducing the amount of waste heading to landfill is the best option for the environment, but it also has advantages for the business thanks to landfill tax savings.

2. Food Waste Collection

Food waste is a serious problem in the UK that needs to be addressed. Businesses often find that eliminating food waste entirely is almost impossible, but that doesn’t mean food needs to end up at the landfill. Aim towards becoming a zero-waste-to-landfill business by segregating food waste for a cost-effective price.

Different Bins for Unique Business Requirements

Not all business waste is the same. Having a choice of waste bin options ensures your business is provided with the right bins to suit the working environment and the needs of the company. Veolia have a wide range of hygienic containers, which include:

  1. Trade waste bins – easy to move and reach they come in different sizes and are perfect for collecting waste where poor vehicle access is an issue.
  2. Rear end loader bins – these bins are ideal for businesses that have quite large amounts of commercial/industrial waste. They can come with security locks if suitable and are kept on site permanently.
  3. Front end loader bins – These bins are suitable for businesses that have larger volumes of dry waste that is compactable. The static bin is enclosed, has forklift channels and may feature security locks if necessary.
  4. Skips and roll on/off bins – suitable for small and large waste products that require the safe disposal of heavy building waste.
  5. Compactors – a compactor reduces the amount of collections that are required by businesses that create large amounts of waste.

Recycling Bin Options for All Businesses

Recycling bins come in different colours and containers to suit the requirement of the business. The recycling systems are matched with the needs of the business and include options such as:

  1. Dry mixed recycling is collected in internal and external bins and containers.
  2. Paper and card can be collected in external containers including front end loaders, compactors and roll on/off bins. Internal bins of all sizes are also available.
  3. Glass can be recycled using external wheelie bins.
  4. Food waste such as sandwiches, tea bags and vegetables are all recyclable. External and internal food waste containers are used, but should not be used for food packaging.
  5. General waste recycling is collected in external and internal containers including wheelie bins, compactors and front-end loaders.

Other Recycling and Waste Services

Veolia have other options available for all other recycling and waste needs. The waste management experts provide efficient services that meet the demands of the business while complying with legislation and customer environmental expectation. Transforming waste into a resource is beneficial for everyone and made possible by Veolia.

Organics Recycling Services

The organics recycling service includes food waste collection service. The good waste can be recycled into compost or with anaerobic digestion. Furthermore, recycled food and organics can be used for nutrient recovery and in land spreading.

Recycling Coffee Cups

Veolia provide a hugely popular coffee cup recycling service that is tailored to the needs of the business. The coffee cups are sent directly to the processing facilities and recycled. This service stops coffee cups ending in landfill.

What Business Materials and Waste Can Be Recycled?

You may be recycling paper already, but there are plenty of other materials that can be recycled thanks to waste management. Some of the common recyclable materials found in businesses include:

  • Paper and card. There are different containers that are used for paper and card recycling, including external bins, on-site balers and internal recycling containers.
  • Small hazardous wastes can be recycled like light bulbs, adhesives, paints and aerosols.
  • Glass recycling is another obvious area that is already hugely popular with UK businesses.
  • Electrical equipment must be safely collected and recycled after the Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment Directive was introduced.
  • Soft plastics including polythene, pallet wrap and shrink wrap are all recyclable.
  • Batteries need to be recycled safely by businesses to meet with EU Batteries regulations.
  • Food waste should be stored in hygienic containers and recycled.
  • Wood packaging is collected by Veolia and processed into chippings. The wood chippings are then recycled into other materials such as particleboard and fibreboard. The boards can then be used within the horticultural industry ensuring zero waste.

Secure shredding is another option that helps businesses comply with the Data Protection Act 1998. Secure shredding involves secure collection and strict monitoring during all processes.

Trusted Waste Management Experts

Veolia provide a full range of commercial waste management services for businesses all over the UK. They provide flexible and convenience all at competitive prices, with a high level of customer support. It’s clear to see why they are leaders in environmental and social responsibility.