CheaperWaste Review: Is it Right for Your Business?

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By Rob Binns | Senior Writer | Updated: 9 December 2020

Why the UK’s fastest-growing waste management service provider is no rubbish proposition for your business

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  • Fees charged on a transparent, cost-per-collection basis
  • No hidden costs
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Round-the-clock account access
  • Services a variety of industries, and collects a wide range of different waste types
  • Helps ensure your business is compliant with the relevant laws and regulations
  • Normally, the service is flexible...

X Cons:

  • ...currently, though, COVID-19 restrictions mean that there’s no option to change the frequency of your collections
  • No 24/7 support available
  • Poor customer reviews
  • Not well-suited to larger construction projects
  • As CheaperWaste is a waste management broker, you miss out on the benefits of working directly with a supplier
At a glance: Offering waste management services that are affordable, environmentally conscious, and legally compliant, CheaperWaste’s efforts are nevertheless undermined by scathing customer reviews, and a lack of round-the-clock phone support.

“Driven to provide SMEs with essential, high quality services at low prices”.

As a piece of marketing copy, this line is okay. But, as a mantra that’s taken CheaperWaste from a one-man operation to a thriving waste management business in just nine years, it’s been extremely effective.

Founded in 2011 by Newcastle-based entrepreneur James Jukes, CheaperWaste has gone from strength to strength. Now serving over 18,000 businesses across the UK – and with a reputation for being both environmentally and wallet friendly – CheaperWaste looks to have a bright future.

But is CheaperWaste right for the specific needs of your business? Let’s find out.

What is CheaperWaste?

CheaperWaste is a UK-based waste management services broker

What that means is – after getting to know your business’ unique rubbish collection requirements, of course – CheaperWaste will connect you to a range of local and national commercial waste collection suppliers.

CheaperWaste doesn’t provide the actual bin drop off and rubbish collection services itself. However, the hundreds of waste collection providers it works with – along with the collective buying power of CheaperWaste’s vast network of customers – means you can still expect plenty of cost and service advantages.

Actually, let’s take a look at them now!

What are CheaperWaste’s features and benefits?

Collective buying power (CheaperRates!)

Okay, so now you’re probably thinking something along the lines of:

“Why use a broker? Doesn’t it make sense to go straight to the supplier?”

And, in some cases, you’d be right. But we’re talking about CheaperWaste here, and there are big benefits to hiring this company as the go-between.

Using the leverage of its 18,000-strong client base, CheaperWaste negotiates with the big providers on your behalf. Not only does that mean cheaper rates, but it takes the hassle out of securing contracts with a bunch of different waste management companies, too.

Waste management for every industry

Another reason to go with CheaperWaste, rather than direct to a supplier, is, well… that it’s just easier.

CheaperWaste services just about every industry you can think of, with a wide range of different waste management solutions available. Find yours below!

Icons indicating the industries that CheaperWaste serves

From glass recycling and food waste collection for restaurants, to the handling of clinical waste for tattoo parlours, dentists, and hospitals alike, CheaperWaste does it all.

Better still, CheaperWaste rolls up all the various services your business needs into a single bill – again removing the need to reconcile invoices from multiple suppliers, and relieving the burden on your accountant!

Bespoke service

Working directly with a single waste management supplier comes with risks.

Firstly, you’ll probably have to sign a long contract. And what if the service isn’t any good? What if it doesn’t meet the specific requirements of your business’ premises and industry? Well, then you’d be trapped in an expensive long-term deal, without getting the service you were promised – not ideal.

With CheaperWaste, however, your service is completely bespoke. Not only are its waste management services (and the bill you receive) all tailored to your needs, but it’s easy to switch to another supplier if your current one isn’t cutting the mustard.

Simple, flexible, cheap…

Transparent billing

…and transparent, too. Unlike many other waste management companies – which charge a flat, all-inclusive rate – CheaperWaste’s bills split out each individual cost you’ve incurred.

This should make for slightly more pleasant reading when it comes to going through your invoices, and means you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for.

Get rewards for your rubbish

Okay, so this one’s kind of a gimmick – but a good one, at least!

CheaperWaste’s reward program, ‘Reward Me Now’, gets you discounts of as much as 18% at stores across the UK, including Argos, Costa, Amazon, and TK Maxx.

Less flashy – but, let’s face it, more useful – is the access that being a CheaperWaste customer will grant you to other CheaperGroup business tools. These include Cheaper Pay – a merchant services solution – and CheaperConsumables, an online ‘cash and carry’.

Environmentally focussed

As it turns out, CheaperWaste has plenty of mantras to go around. Because there’s another principle steering the company’s refreshingly forward-thinking approach:

“Minimal landfill”.

And it’s not just talk, either. As well as encouraging its customers to actively recycle, CheaperWaste partners only with the material recovery providers that share its ‘green’ visions and values.

Interested in sustainability? Explore our 9 ways to make your business greener in 2021.

Legal and regulatory compliance

As well as being environmentally compliant, CheaperWaste’s commercial waste solutions are entirely up to scratch from the legal side of things, too.

For one, CheaperWaste’s secure document shredding service meets the latest security standard – the BS EN15713:2009. You’re also covered in the eyes of the strict compliance protocols set by the Data Protection Act, the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) Directive, the Landfill Directive, and the UK’s set of Hazardous Waste Regulations.

Even aside from all this, CheaperWaste will work with your business to ensure that you’re fully legally compliant, and have all the certification you need to get going.

This is important, too, because you can risk big fines for getting commercial waste wrong. Just ask Richard Ong, of Newcastle-based OB Barbers, who found out first-hand:

“The landlord told me we needed to use the wheelie bins provided. That turned out not to be true at all, and we got a letter [on behalf of] Environmental Health from the Newcastle council, saying that we had to pay a £300 fine. It was basically set in stone – pay the fine, and you need to arrange disposal of your rubbish”.

To watch Richard’s story in full, jump to our CheaperWaste case study below.

24/7 access to your account

CheaperWaste doesn’t offer round-the-clock support – you’ll have to get them between 9am and 5:30pm on weekdays – although you will still have 24/7 access to your account online.

So, no matter what time of day you’re up, you’ll have all the important stuff – your invoices, your contract, and your waste transfer notes – at your fingertips.

Sounds good, right? But how much is this all going to cost you?

How much does CheaperWaste cost?

CheaperWaste’s services are completely bespoke. Naturally, then, what you’ll pay will depend on:

  • Your business type, and the specific kind(s) of waste you produce
  • Your location (businesses based in London’s ULEZ or congestion zone, for example, are always going to get a bigger bill!)
  • The frequency of collections you require
  • The amount of rubbish you need collecting

All these factors will obviously vary wildly from customer to customer, so it’s tough – nigh on impossible – to provide an accurate rate here.

Unless, that is, you utilise our free quote-finding questionnaire.

It’s easy to fill in, takes all of 30 seconds, and is your most direct route to receiving tailored waste management quotes for your business. Here’s how it works.

Simply provide us with some information about your commercial waste disposal requirements. We’ll ask if you’ve outsourced your waste collection before, and about the type of service you require, too – whether that’s general waste, recycling, or both.

We’ll also need to confirm your business type, and that you’re currently based at a fixed premises. Finally, we’ll need to know whether you’re looking for a one-off clearance or an ongoing service, and when you’d need it to start by.

Compare Quotes From Leading Commercial Waste Providers and Save
It takes just 30 seconds...
1. Have you used commercial waste disposal before? YES NO

Why so many questions? We ask all this for one reason – to understand your business’ rubbish removal requirements inside out.

When we do, we’ll match you up with one or more waste management companies like CheaperWaste, who’ll be in touch to provide commercial waste quotes and advice that are completely tailored to your business. Give it a go today!

Up next: How much does commercial waste collection cost?

Which types of waste does CheaperWaste collect?

Find the type of commercial waste most relevant to your business in the image below, or scroll on for a more detailed breakdown of what they mean.

Icons showing which types of waste CheaperWaste collects

General waste

Basically, anything that can’t be recycled. Also called residual or trade waste, this is the typical, everyday rubbish your business generates.

CheaperWaste will deliver your general waste bin within ten days.

Hazardous waste

This is any rubbish that could have a detrimental effect on people or the environment. It includes waste that’s flammable, corrosive, reactive, or toxic.

With CheaperWaste, you can expect your hazardous waste service up and running within five to ten working days.

Dry mixed recycling

Also known as co-mingled recycling, this solution allows you to recycle paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, food tins, and drink cans in a single container.

CheaperWaste will have your dry mixed recycling facility set up (and bin delivered) within ten days. Wheeled containers are available in 240, 360, 660, and 1,100 litre sizes, with skips and ‘roll on roll off’ solutions also available.

Did You Know?

Reducing plastic pollution at your work is easier than you think. Find out how with our 9 simple steps.

Clinical waste

Not to be confused with hazardous waste (although it is potentially hazardous), clinical waste is any refuse produced in healthcare. That includes rubbish from hospitals, care homes, and dentists  – such as used swabs, syringes, bandages, and dressings – but also covers related industries, such as beauty and tattoo artistry.

You’ll need to contact CheaperWaste directly for this kind of commercial waste collection service.

Glass collection

Did You Know?

Glass is 100% recyclable – it can be recycled over and over again – but the UK’s hospitality sector still has a long way to go. Currently, our pubs, bars, and restaurants throw away over 200,000 tonnes of glass every year.

Don’t keep throwing your glass away – have it collected and recycled by CheaperWaste!

CheaperWaste delivers your glass recycling bin within ten working days.

Food waste

CheaperWaste’s food waste bins – ideal for any business serving food on a day-to-day basis – are available in 120 and 240 litre sizes.

Your bin will be delivered within ten working days.

Skip hire

If you’re working on a small commercial construction site – or perhaps embarking on an overly-ambitious landscaping project in your back garden – then you’ll need a skip.

CheaperWaste offers four kinds of skip, to suit the differing requirements and scope of your project:

Dimensions (m)Capacity
Mini skip0.76 x 1.22 x 1.5225 bags
Midi skip0.97 x 1.29 x 1.8340 bags
Builder’s skip1.22 x 1.68 x 3.6680 bags
Large skip1.68 x 1.78 x 3.70200 bags

For a small house or garden spruce up, a mini skip should do the trick. Larger scale home work – such as a bathroom or kitchen renovation – will require the Midi skip, while the builder’s skip speaks for itself.

The large skips suit big projects, such as full house clearances, but won’t be sufficient for more intensive commercial construction work (for that, check out AMA Waste Management as an alternative below).

Secure document shredding

When sensitive data is on the line (and with GDPR breathing down your neck), why take any chances?

You can utilise CheaperWaste’s confidential waste disposal services as either an on-site facility – you’ll receive a lockable bin or a shredding machine if you opt for this – or an off-site one. If you choose the latter, your documents will be sent to one of CheaperWaste’s ‘destruction centres’.

CheaperWaste promises to deliver your lockable bin or shredder within ten days.


Here, CheaperWaste’s service is twofold. Not only will it collect and securely dispose of your employee’s washroom waste, but it’ll make sure the place is properly stocked, too.

Bins, paper towel dispensers, vending machines, water sanitisation services, air fresheners, and first aid kits are available to buy or rent – ensuring you fulfil your duties to your staff, and stay compliant with the Environmental Protection Act.

Products are delivered and installed by qualified service technicians.

Get Waste Management Quotes Tailored To Your Business – Start Here

What type of waste management do you need?

Is CheaperWaste right for my business?

Good question. Read on to find out, as we respond to frequently asked questions from business owners below.

“I go through a lot of rubbish – sometimes three bins a week. Is CheaperWaste right for me?”

Absolutely! Because CheaperWaste works with so many suppliers, it can source one that’s able to conduct regular pickups – in some cases, as frequently as five collections per week!

“The amount of rubbish my business produces fluctuates. Can I arrange flexible collections?”

You can indeed! CheaperWaste’s contracts are flexible, and contain wriggle room for speeding up or slowing down the frequency of your business waste collections.

Currently, however, CheaperWaste has frozen collections across all contracts due to COVID-19. Maximum flexibility should return when things get back to normal – fingers crossed for that vaccine!

“I’m based in Northern Ireland. Will CheaperWaste service my area?”

Yes, CheaperWaste caters to cities and regions in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Specifically, the company services the cities of Belfast, Lisburn, Derry, Armagh, and Newry.

For a full list of the cities and counties that CheaperWaste collects from, head to its website.

OB Barbers: A CheaperWaste case study

“I would 100% recommend CheaperWaste to other customers – purely down to how professional they are. We can set the date we want the rubbish collected, and, to be honest, it’s so cost-effective that it’s a no-brainer for me. Plus, you’re not going to be getting any fines through the door!”

Watch the video to learn how CheaperWaste gives peace of mind to a Newcastle barber.

CheaperWaste reviews: What do customers say?

There’s no sugar coating it – CheaperWaste’s reviews online are a mix of the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. As it stands, the company’s Trustpilot rating is 3.2 out of five, indicating average levels of customer approval.

On eKomi, CheaperWaste sports an unenviable one star out of five, calculated from a majority of negative reviews (76.47%). And on Yell, the company has a 2.2 out of five rating, calculated from 192 total reviews – 58 positive, 134 negative.

More worrying is CheaperWaste’s position opposite its competitors. According to Trustpilot’s figures, CheaperWaste ranks last (21st out of 21) amongst UK waste management and collection services.

Still, currently over half (58%) of CheaperWaste’s reviews on Trustpilot are still ‘excellent’, giving the company five stars – while another 8% of reviews are four stars (indicating a ‘very good’ rating).

Below, we’ve drawn out a small set of reviews that reflect the range of opinions directed CheaperWaste’s way.

First, the good:

“As a Hijama Cupping therapist, I have hazardous and clinical waste to dispose of. Due to the lockdown, business has been slow, and I was concerned about paying high charges every month, relative to the lower amount of waste being produced.

“Jonathan, who took the call, explained everything and minimised [the waste collection frequency] as much as possible, enabling me to continue to offer a mobile service to my clients. Let’s see how we get on now!”

  • Hafsa

“I applied for a quote, and received a call promptly. The service agent was very polite and knowledgeable on the phone, and managed to set everything up in a matter of minutes. My bin turned up the following day, followed by the emptying schedule the next day. Great rates and great service. Highly recommended.”

  • Emma

“Having called CheaperWaste regarding a collection issue, I was lucky enough to speak to a man called Steven Parker. The problem I've been having is with [the waste disposal supplier] PHS [Wastekit], not CheaperWaste themselves.

“Steven was incredibly helpful, and has helped me out no end. I finally feel like I’ve been listened to, and I have faith in resolving the issue. Thank you for the great service this time and every other!”

  • Zoe

Then, there are the less flattering CheaperWaste reviews…

“I’m not happy having to pay in full for rubbish collection when our business was closed for a month [due to COVID-19]. There was no compromise or discount, and, when we did return to business, our bins were not emptied!

“When I enquired about this non-collection, I was told there was an issue with the vehicle, but that it would be out that day. Again, the bin was not emptied, so I'm now leaving a review for a really poor service.”

  • Donna

“The bins didn’t arrive on the dates that I was given, but did arrive in time for opening the campsite – so there was no real problem. CheaperWaste was helpful when I rang, and did try to sort things out for me.”

  • Jayne

“My bin wasn’t delivered on time – due to the fault of the supplier, not CheaperWaste – although the handling of the issue was still average.

“We raised the problem, but no one knew why [the collection] was late, and there was a clear lack of communication between CheaperWaste and the supplier. I was told that I would be called back and I wasn’t. Eventually, I was informed that the bin would be delivered, and that they would do a bag collection in between. But the bags were never collected.

“Overall, I’m underwhelmed with the experience, and I question whether it’s easier to contact suppliers directly.”

  • Anonymous CheaperWaste customer

As the reviews indicate, perhaps some of the negativity aimed at CheaperWaste could be down to the suppliers it works with.

After all, CheaperWaste is a broker, rather than a provider – and the feedback may just be illustrating the erosive effects that communication breakdown in the broker/supplier communication can have on a company’s reputation.

Still, that doesn’t excuse the entirety of the poor reviews. It’s clear that CheaperWaste has some work to do to improve the transparency of their service, and the support offered to dissatisfied customers.

As a responsible B2B comparison site, we endeavour to display both positive and negative reviews. Moreover, we always recommend that our readers take into account user-generated customer reviews before entering into a service agreement with any company. 

You can explore more CheaperWaste reviews at Trust Mamma and

CheaperWaste alternatives: What other providers should I consider?

The right commercial waste disposal provider for you will depend on several factors: your location, your industry, and how regularly you’ll need your rubbish collecting, to name a few.

With that in mind, there’s no ‘one size fits all’ commercial waste provider for UK businesses. That’s why we recommend using our free quote-finding questionnaire, which you can get started with by answering the first question below, to find the company that’s right for you.

Compare Quotes From Leading Commercial Waste Providers and Save
It takes just 30 seconds...
1. Have you used commercial waste disposal before? YES NO

Alternatively, scroll on to explore the top three commercial waste suppliers we’d recommend if you elect not to go for CheaperWaste.


Best CheaperWaste alternative for scale

Biffa is one of the so-called ‘Big Five’ waste management companies – the industry’s top earners. And, with over £1 billion in annual revenue, it’s comfortably among the UK commercial waste scene’s upper echelons. However, its customer reviews aren’t great, and – Biffa being a supplier, rather than a broker – you won’t get the same level of flexibility that you do with CheaperWaste.

Did You Know?

Did you know? Joining Biffa in the ‘Big Five’ are Veolia, Suez, Viridor, and FCC. To read more about the case against them, check out our guide to the best commercial waste companies for small businesses.

AMA Waste Management

Best CheaperWaste alternative for major construction projects

If you require commercial waste services for a large construction site – or hazardous waste collection from an industrial build – AMA Waste Management is for you. It also delivers supplies (be it storage containers and on-site accommodation or plain old ready-mix concrete) to anywhere in the country. AMA-zing!

Did You Know?

If you’re embarking on a big construction project, you’ll want to know how construction finance can smooth things over on the money side. We’ve made a list of our top 7 providers in the UK – go check it out.

Simply Waste Solutions

Best CheaperWaste alternative for customer approval ratings

With an outstanding Trustpilot rating and some of the most competitive rates in the business, Simply Waste is doing plenty right. And it shows – the company’s innovative, flexible approach to waste management has earned it a litany of awards. There’s just one catch…the company operates in England alone. If you’re based in Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland, you’ll probably still want to stick with CheaperWaste!

Expert verdict

“Take the worry out of waste”

That’s another of CheaperWaste’s mantras. But does the company deliver against it?

We think so. Sure, there is plenty of negative feedback about CheaperWaste online – bins not being collected, phones not being answered, and suspicious charges being added to invoices.

What we’ll say to this, as always, is be mindful of the terms of the contract you’re signing. Does it contain a clause to be flexible with the timing and frequency of your collections? How will COVID-19 affect the service? What fees might you have to pay to cancel or suspend your contract?

That said, there are still plenty of reasons to love CheaperWaste – and, after all, almost two-thirds of its 3,704 Trustpilot reviews to date are five stars.

It’s an affordable, bespoke service, with options for just about any type of waste you could generate. You can access your account at any time, and CheaperWaste will help ensure that your business is both environmentally and legally compliant.

That’s all from us. How about yourself? If you have direct experience working with CheaperWaste, and would like to send us a review we can feature here, send an email to There are no rubbish opinions!

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