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By Rob Binns | Senior Writer | Updated: 15 May 2019 is the fourth largest commercial waste broker in the UK. The waste management company has been in business for over six years and is still one of the country’s fastest growing organisations nationwide. The team conduct most of their business online and via telephone.

They offer a selection of environmentally friendly waste disposal solutions for all businesses across Britain. The overall aim of the company is to reduce landfill pollution in the UK and offer services with plenty of green appeal.

Why Should I Partner with CheaperWaste?

For a business, partnering with a waste management company is an efficient way of ensuring the safe and lawful disposal of commercial waste. The benefits include:

  • Legal compliance in respect to waste removal and disposal
  • Maintaining a clean and waste-free workplace
  • Contributing to the reduction of landfill pollution
  • Increasing the percentage of recycling potential

By working alongside CheaperWaste, you will be achieving the benefits listed above, whilst at the same time ensuring your business operates as normal. Let’s take a look at what CheaperWaste have to offer and what separates them apart from the competition.

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What type of waste management do you need?

Most Popular Service

The best-selling waste collection service from CheaperWaste is the ‘General Waste 1100 Litre Bin’ service. This is their largest container size and is ideal for countless commercial requirements and settings; from bars and cafes to office blocks and warehouses. Unlike some commercial waste bins, there is no need to separate your waste. The bins are emptied frequently and they feature a lockable lid to prevent fly-tipping.

Its ability to hold between 15-20 bags means that the collection frequency reduces. This means reduced emissions from the collection vehicles required, hence air pollution decreases with every trip saved.

Primary Services and Amenities

CheaperWaste offer many more services to suit various businesses in the UK. Below is a brief overview of the primary services they provide.

General Waste

General waste collection is for anything that cannot be recycled. Setting up a pre-agreed collection schedule takes just a matter of minutes and can be done on the phone or via email. Your bins are typically delivered within 5-7 days.

Hazardous Waste

CheaperWaste can also dispose of any waste that poses a potential threat to public health or the environment. You can arrange for a regular replacement or empty of your hazardous waste bin. Again, signing up is very quick and easy.

Dry Mixed Recycling

The company can also take care of dry recycling items, such as plastics, cardboard, food cans and paper. You can set up the service to work as frequently as you would like it to, be that weekly or daily.

Glass Collection

The glass collection service is another form of recycling that massively benefits our environment. CheaperWaste will provide you with a bin and empty it on a schedule to suit you and your business.

Skip Hire

CheaperWaste will provide you with a skip to suit the amount of waste you expect to produce. They will then pick it up for you once you’ve filled it. You can do this once or multiple times – just agree a day and time with the team.

Clinical Waste

CheaperWaste have extensive experience in this field, ensuring your clinical waste is disposed of with due care and environmental diligence. They will dispose of your waste either on a pre-arranged or on a call-in basis.

Secure Document Shredding

Any business that handles sensitive information must dispose of it in line with strict rules and regulations. A lockable bin or shredding machine can be provided and collected, with staff members vetted to BS7858 security standards.

Green Appeal and Carbon Footprint

One of the primary objectives of CheaperWaste is to reduce landfill as much as possible. The company advises customers on how to reduce landfill output and increase recycling opportunities, in a cost-effective manner. Compliant waste removal and efficient recycling contributes to this goal. This differs from local council waste collections, which tend to offer a poor recycling rate, with a varying degree of service levels.

Whilst encouraging the separation of recyclable materials whenever possible, CheaperWaste also partner with national material recovery specialists to support their dry mixed and glass recycling solutions.

Rules and Regulations

In an industry with increasing legislation regarding disposal, it is good to know that CheaperWaste ensure customers are legally compliant and hold all the right certification. CheaperWaste operate in line with the Government’s rules and regulations in regards to waste disposal.

They also provide every business with a Duty of Care document, otherwise known as a WTN (Waste Transfer Note). This serves to cover the business under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 in regard to business or trade waste. The document is signed by both parties prior to Cheaper Waste commencing with their services.

Customer Service and Support

CheaperWaste have a high standard of customer service, with opportunities for customers to get in contact through a number of channels. You can telephone the business and speak to them directly, or get in touch via:

  • Email
  • Live Chat
  • Social Media

The live chat system is very responsive and quick; you also have the option to fill in a form on their ‘Contact’ page. This is where you can electronically submit a quote request for a particular service. Overall, the web offering from is very modern, slick and easy to navigate.

What are the Costs?

CheaperWaste’s prices are transparent, but not advertised on their website. Charges are worked out on a ‘per job’ ad-hoc basis, so you know exactly what you are paying for each week or each month. Each job is judged and quoted for on this ad-hoc basis by the telesales team. You can obtain a quote by filling in the form at the top of this page.

Final Verdict

CheaperWaste is a great choice of waste management company for any business in the UK, due mainly to their commitment to reducing landfill waste and to being as environmentally friendly as possible. Their services benefit businesses across Britain by saving them money, providing the opportunity to recycle and ensuring legal compliance.

Key benefits, features and qualities include:

  • Price – Cheaper Waste are very competitively priced, and offer tailored quotes
  • Customer Service – An excellent level of support across multiple channels
  • Convenience – The latest technology ensures an quick and easy process
  • Flexibility – A large network of waste carriers means customers are be placed with the best providers for their needs

Overall, CheaperWaste are an extremely convenient company to partner with due to their quick and easy systems. Their ability to process services and orders quickly and professionally is perhaps one of the main reasons the company is growing so quickly too.

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