Commercial Waste: Here’s What You Need to Know

By Rob Binns | Senior Writer | Updated: 12 September 2019

If you’ve got a business, big or small, you’ll be producing waste. Commercial waste is a cost that’s often overlooked by businesses, which is surprising given that it’s a guaranteed overhead and has a direct impact on a business’ bottom line.

The savviest businesses plan ahead and make sure their commercial waste disposal is a seamless process. After all, nobody wants to find themselves with unplanned costs when they have a business to run and every penny counts.

Luckily for you, when it comes to commercial waste, we have the answers. Read on to find a commercial waste solution that works for you.

What is commercial waste?

Let’s start with the basics. Commercial waste, also known as trade or business waste, is any waste generated from commercial or business activity. In the UK, this can also include waste that comes from construction or agricultural businesses.

Commercial recycling and commercial waste sheds

The London borough of Islington is proof that even commercial waste can look good!

Can I dispose of commercial waste myself?

Yes, you can. Any business that transports or disposes of commercial waste will need to become a ‘registered waste carrier’. You’ll also need to keep written information about your waste disposal for a minimum of two years, and make sure you dispose of the different waste types according to UK rules and regulations.

The waste carrier license will cost around £150 a year, and on top of this you will have to factor in the costs of running a vehicle, the man hours involved, and the cost of actually disposing of the rubbish. It quickly adds up.

Given the amount of time, resources and money this can involve, many businesses opt to have their rubbish collected by an approved waste carrier.

In this video, Dan Tobin – Chief Revenue Officer for large marketing company MVF – discusses when they made the decision to have their waste collected, and how it has benefitted them in the long run:

‘Hiring an external company to manage our waste was, for us, something that just made complete business sense’

How much does commercial waste collection cost?

It’s hard to give a precise figure for how much your commercial waste collection will cost without knowing more details about your business and its needs. However, your answers to the following questions will help you determine whether the cost is likely to be high or low:

  • How many times a week or month do you need your waste collected?
  • What types of waste (hazardous, electrical, clinical, packaging etc.) do you produce?
  • How much rubbish do you produce, and how much does it weigh?
  • Where are you based?

Naturally, if you need daily collections of large volumes of hazardous waste, and you’re in a remote location, you can expect to pay a lot more than a city-based business which only needs infrequent collections of small amounts paper and packaging.

So, what can you do to get an accurate idea of the cost for your business? Well, the easiest way is to get a tailored quote. You can do this by clicking on the icons below. There’s no obligation and it only takes a minute.

Get Waste Management Quotes Tailored To Your Business – Start Here

What type of waste management do you need?

What happens if commercial waste is incorrectly dealt with?

The government takes a very hard line with companies that dispose of their waste illegally. In fact, companies have previously been fined up to £80,000 for dumping their rubbish.

With as much as 27 million tonnes of commercial waste going to landfill in the UK each year, every business has a social responsibility to dispose of our waste in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Having an external company manage your waste not only saves you a lot of time and stress, it can also help you reach your green goals, too.

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