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Choosing the best debt collection agency for your business is a key part of taking control of your business’ cash flow and preventing it from entering financial difficulty as a result of unpaid invoices and credit agreements. Debt collection agencies in Northern Ireland are able to provide a range of services including legal action on your behalf to ensure that you recover what you’re owed. We review some of Northern Ireland’s best debt collection agencies below. For a more detailed search of providers most relevant to your needs, fill out the form above and Expert Market UK will search online for the most suitable providers for your business.

Using a debt collection agency in Northern Ireland

There are many reasons why businesses choose to use the services of a debt collection agency. This can be as a result of difficult and long disputes over payments or a lack of resources and time needed to ensure that debt recovery is done efficiently and quickly. Many businesses will lack the staff and the knowledge to deal with debt recovery and by using a specialist debt recovery agency, they can feel assured that a professional and effective job is being carried out as well as adherence to any debt recovery guidelines and legislation.

From single collections to completely outsourced recovery operations, using a debt collection agency is an effective way for businesses to save time and money and stay on top of all of their outstanding accounts.

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Debt Collection Agencies in Northern Ireland

The Debt Recovery Agency

Based in County Down but providing services across the whole of Northern Ireland, the Debt Recovery Agency are an experienced and professional provider of debt recovery services for businesses and individuals. Having recovered millions of pounds for clients over the years they pride themselves on innovative approaches and providing tailored services to each of their clients. As members of the Credit Services Association, they ensure that all collections are handled fairly and ethically, realising the need to maintain good relationships between businesses and their clients. Offering pre-legal services through to litigation and court proceedings, The Debt Recovery Agency offer a comprehensive service which can provide a range of benefits to businesses of all sizes.

Redmond Johnson

Redmond Johnson have been in the business since 1984 and have established a great reputation for providing debt collection services to Northern Irish businesses. Mainly focusing on business to business debt collection, they use practical approaches in order to settle claims and have a high success rate for recovering owed debts. They are members of the European Creditors Association and use a fair approach when dealing with competitors. With competitive fees they are a good choice for both small and large businesses in Northern Ireland.

The Thomas Higgins Partnership

With offices across England, Wales and Northern Ireland, The Thomas Higgins Partnership is an upfront and successful debt collection agency which provide a range of solutions for business. From helping to recover debts through pre-action solutions such as demand letters and house calls through to providing legal advice on taking things further, they can help businesses to reclaim their debts as well as managing them long term. The Thomas Higgins Partnership offers a clear pricing plan which allows businesses to work out exactly how much they will pay, with demand letters starting from as little as £2. An experienced and professional provider for businesses, The Thomas Higgins Partnership is a valuable asset for Northern Irish businesses.

TNC Group

The TNC Group have dedicated offices in Northern Ireland to provide an extensive range of professional debt recovery services to businesses and individuals. They work on a no recovery, no fee basis and ensure that all options are discussed individually with businesses before any action is taken. From pre-legal action through to county court proceedings, the TNC group will deliver their services quickly and effectively with excellent results. Understanding the need for businesses to recover debts quickly, the TNC Group begin work immediately to ensure the best results for businesses. With fair pricing and the ability to provide outsourced services for businesses, they are a great choice for debt recovery in Northern Ireland.

Robinson Way

As one of the UK’s largest debt collection agencies, Robinson Way are able to provide services across the whole of the nation, including Northern Ireland. They provide a tiered structure of debt recovery services to businesses who can benefit from the team’s experience and knowledge used to secure quick debt recovery. Among their services offered are pre-action communications such as letters, telephony and email, litigation and tracing services for hard to reach debtors. Robinson Way have a great track record for helping businesses to recover their debts on time and do so in a professional and fair manner which adheres to the OFT’s debt recovery guidelines as well as those set out by the Credit Services Association.

Cleaver Fulton Rankin

Cleaver Fulton Ranking have an established presence in Northern Ireland providing debt recovery services to businesses. From dealing with initial demand letters to litigation proceedings, CFR can provide a complete range of solutions for businesses as well as provide expert advice where needed. Realising the need for quick and successful results, the team work immediately to ensure debts are paid, using a fair pricing system to help businesses save money. A recommended debt recovery solicitor, they are a great choice for businesses of all sizes in Northern Ireland.

The above debt recovery agencies are just a small sample of the available companies in Northern Ireland who offer debt collection and recovery services. Specialist debt recovery agencies and debt collection solicitors are a useful service for businesses who need additional help dealing with difficult debts as well as taking control of all of their account activities. You can get a detailed search of the most suitable providers based on your unique business requirements by completing the form at the top of the page and letting Expert Market UK find the best providers for your needs.

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