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This article will give you an overview of debt collection agencies in the UK and review some top providers below.

Debt Collection Agencies in the UK

Both businesses and individuals have been tightened in the current economic climate, which has meant that outstanding payments now have an increasingly detrimental effect. When you also take into account that those owing the money may too be struggling financially, there is an increased requirement for debt collection agencies.

Finding the Best Debt Collection Agency

There are a wide range of debt collection agencies available and the best choice for your needs will be dependent on the size and type of the debt you are owed. Such agencies can vary from being one man affairs to being large companies with tens of thousands of employees.

One major concern for anyone looking to use a debt collection agency is how ethical the service they are using is. A company needs to represent itself well, even when it comes to something sensitive like debt collection. Although you have a legally legitimate reason to be seeking to claim the debts owed to you, you don't want the process, or indeed the agency working with you, to tarnish your company's or individual reputation.

It is, therefore, important to ensure that whichever debt collection agency you choose to use is fully licensed, experienced, responsible and professional. It is also worth discussing with them the manner in which you want the process to be carried out. The last thing you want is for someone representing your company to be bullying people into paying debts.

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Harley Legal & Collections

Located on Harley Street in London, Harley Legal and Collections are a well established and reputed debt collections agency. They have experience working with personal debt, as well as large corporate debt from Blue Chip companies. They employ a fully comprehensive, professional and legal service, which is always offered on a "no success, no fee" basis.

They work on the basis of commission rates for successful debt recovery, and this varies depending on location. It works out at 15% of the recovered amount for UK clients, 25% for European debts and 35% for worldwide debts.

Wise & Co Debt Collection

Wise & Co have over 45 years worth of experience in debt collection and are led by a chartered accountant and a barrister. They work on the basis of quick response and have a firm understanding of the cash flow issues caused by outstanding debts. They also work on a "no success, no fee" basis and specialise in commercial debts.

They work at a flat rate of 15% of all debts collected. They work with debts of all sizes, although a minimum fee of £20 is required, only once the debt is collected.


Wescot is one of the UK's largest debt collection agencies, with three offices based throughout the country. They market themselves as an 'ethical debt collections agency' and specialise in the utility telecoms, banking and retail finance sectors. They employ over 650 people in total and work for a variety of blue chip companies.

As well as offering debt collection services, Wescot also deliver debt purchase, locate and outsource services.