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6 Best Debt Collection Services in the UK

Using a debt collection service can be an easy way to shift the burden of dealing with your business’ finances. Whether this is due to a lack of time, experience or resources – using a debt collection service can be easy and efficient and perhaps get you better results than using your existing methods. We take a look at six of the best debt collection services in the UK below. For a more detailed search, fill out this form and Expert Market UK will search online for the best collection agencies for your business needs.

6 of the Best


Wescot describe themselves as one of the leading debt collection agencies in the UK, offering a fair and ethical approach to debtors whilst ensuring results for creditors. Wescot’s main interests are in the banking, retail, utility and telecoms industries and they have a wealth of experience providing collection services in these areas. Dealing with over 5 million account holders each year, they can offer a range of services to businesses including debt recovery, debt purchase as well as locate services which can be crucial for recovering difficult debts.

Whether you’re looking for solutions for one-off collections or to completely outsource your credit management, Wescot have the expertise and experience to do so. Their dedicated team will meet with you to discuss your business needs and ensure that the most suitable options for your company are used. Wescot have a large customer services team who have trained, friendly staff on board to help you with any problems you may encounter with the service.

Quotations for services can be obtained from Wescot directly.


DLC are one of the largest privately owned debt collection services in the UK. They offer a range of collection services to businesses and organisations which includes debt purchase, outsourced collections, litigation as well as tracing. DLC are extremely professional and work with each individual client to ensure that the best options for their needs are met. They place a high emphasis on training their staff to ensure that they can deliver the best results to clients and provide a reassuring service that ensures great results and returns.

DLC solely focus on servicing large corporate clients. They have received accreditation from a number of respected credit and trading standards organisations which can help reassure clients of their professionalism. A great collection company which aims to help both clients recover debts successfully as well as ensure fairness for debtors, DLC is a great UK based company.

Quotations for services can be obtained from DLC directly.

P&J Consumer Debt Services

P&J are a UK-wide debt collection agency which offers businesses reliable and professional collection services. They have been in the business for over 25 years and have over 25,000 clients. P&J provide innovative and affordable services aimed at individuals, small businesses and large organisations. They offer a number of incentives for their clients including ‘no recovery, no fee’ policies as well as offering their clients no tie in options and no hidden charges.

Working quickly to ensure that your debts are collected, P&J can offer a range of services including tracing debtors as well as other recovery services. A reliable and affordable service which provides effective results.

Quotations for services can be obtained from P&J Consumer Debt Services directly.

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Access Credit Management

Access Credit Management work to understand the individual needs of their clients and offer the most relevant solutions for their problems. They specialise in dealing with both UK and international debt collection which can be an asset for businesses who deal with overseas clients. They have accreditation from Association of Credit and Collection Professionals and are also fully licenced under both the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and the Data Protection Act 1980 which can help instil confidence in their abilities and ensure that businesses hire a company which is professional and reliable.

Their main focus is to ensure that their clients get the best results from their services as well as helping them to save money. Core services include debt recovery, outsourced credit collection and insolvency options.

Quotations for services can be obtained from Access Credit Management directly.


Claiming to be the leading debt collection agency in the UK, Hilton-Baird can help businesses with everything from singular collection to managing your entire debt recovery activities. They are a professional and award winning service provider which provide tailored services to their clients to ensure that they get the best solutions possible for their investment.

Hilton-Baird offer services which include debt recovery, receivables management, debt purchase, credit control services as well as others and provide services to a range of industries across the UK including financial and retail sectors. A reliable, friendly collection agency which can deliver effective results, they are an ideal provider for all business sizes.

Quotations for services can be obtained from Hilton-Baird directly.


Rossendales are an independent debt collection agency which offer a range of services for all business sizes across England and Wales. Rossendales have over 300 clients and are expanding all the time and are popular with landlords as well as members from both public and private sector businesses. They use innovative practices such as SMS messaging to encourage better contacts as well as providing online services to help both creditors and debtors manage their balances.

A reliable and professional organisation, Rossendales will work out the best value services for your businesses’ individual requirements.

Quotations for services can be obtained from Rossendales directly.

The debt collection agencies above are just a small sample of the professional, experienced UK debt collection services available online. Expert Market UK can help you to find the most suitable debt collection services for you based on your business’ unique requirements. Simply complete this form using details such as your amounts owed as well as the number of accounts that you hold and details of your location to help Expert Market UK find the most relevant and best value results for your business.