Where to Lease a Coffee Machine

By Julia Watts | Content Manager

Why Lease Rather than Buy?

Most employers will agree that happy employees are productive employees, and what better way to keep staff happy than by offering them facilities to enjoy a good quality cup of coffee, whenever they want it during the course of the working day?

By leasing a Coffee Machine, a business can both guarantee a grateful workforce, and enjoy tax benefits which will help with budgeting and improve cash flow. The leasing of a machine is 100% allowable against a company's pre-tax profits, will offer protected payments and carry a fixed rate of interest. The capital and interest costs may also be offset during the rental term and any payments will technically be counted as a trading expense and subsequently deducted, making the leasing of a Coffee Machine a cost effective option.

Need Coffee Machines?
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Who Offers Coffee Machine Leasing?

Nationwide Coffee based in Eastbourne, offer a range of coffee making options suitable for most commercial applications, and will be happy to use their years of experience to assist their customers in finding the best system for their requirements.

They have “Instant” models, which will supply a selection of hot beverages at the touch of a button, which start from just £2.50 (+VAT) per day. For businesses wanting the benefits delivered from a “Traditional/Espresso” Coffee Maker, they have the NC1 model, with a 6 Ltr boiler, 2850w power output and one steamer facility, available from £3.25 daily (+VAT). The most recent innovation in coffee making systems is the “Bean-to-Cup” machine, which allows the consumers to grind their own beans before brewing the coffee, offering a fresher, more intense cup. The N6 machine is available for lease from £3.00 (+VAT) per day.

Anyone else?

The independent dealer and supplier Jurang Fair Trade, located in Manchester, take their business and social responsibilities very seriously, donating 10% of their monthly gross profits to support development, and human rights charities. All of the coffee they sell is Fair Trade sourced, and they are happy to discuss their approach to ethical business principles with their customers, should they wish to learn more.

Jurang have “Bean-to-Cup” machines available to lease from top manufacturers like Jura, Franke and Bravilor Bonamat, with prices starting from £16.25 per week. Their range of Espresso machines from Exobar and Visacrem (makers of Gaggia), start from £15.70 per week.

Any more?

With over 15 years experience in the industry, Caffe Society of Leeds, can offer a comprehensive range of all types of Coffee Making Machines. Their aim is to deliver value for money to their customers, helping them to maximise their profit potential by selecting the right system for their requirements. They have a purpose built, state of the art facility where they are pleased to offer customers Barista training, free of charge, in order to obtain the best results from their chosen equipment.

The “Traditional” range of Coffee Machines are manufactured by Brasilia Italy, considered to be one of the top four makers in the world, and renowned for their reliability and the ability to deliver consistently, great tasting coffee.

Their “Bean-to-Cup” range of machines is easy to use and produce good results with the minimum of training.

Beverage Vending Machines are available in table-top models for smaller offices or floor-standing machines for larger businesses, and supply branded beverages from Nescafe, Kenco and Twining's.

Caffe Society offer a lease/purchase plan, giving the customer flexible payment options, leaving them free to purchase their coffee from any supplier they choose and leaving them as the owner of their chosen Coffee Machine at the end of the leasing term.

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