Top 5 Coffee Vending Machine Rental Providers in the UK

Man getting coffee from a vending machine

Renting a coffee vending machine offers the dual benefits of cost and convenience. But which vending machine supplier is right for you?

So, you’re thinking about renting a coffee vending machine for your workplace? Wise move! Vending machines are an excellent way of offering your staff a refreshing morning pick-me-up, while doing away with the need (and expenses!) of a cafeteria. 

The only catch? Coffee vending machines are expensive to buy outright. And, for large offices with hundreds of employees to cater to, costs can quickly balloon. So, what’s the solution? Renting a coffee machine, of course. 

Renting a vending machine offers tax benefits, and it’s easier to upgrade the device to keep pace with evolving technology. Plus, the lower initial outlay when you rent a vending machine means you can free up cash flow for other office perks.

But which coffee vending machine suppliers are right for your business? The best vending machine providers in the UK are Logic Vending, Express Vending, UK Vending, Kafevend, and GEM Vending. 

Read on to find out why these five excel, or jump straight to our vending machine rental FAQs below. Alternatively, go full steam ahead and complete our 30-second webform with some details about your business.

We’ll ask a couple of quick questions about your premises and industry, and about the type and size of coffee vending machine you’re looking for. Then, we’ll match you with the right vending machine supplier, who’ll be able to provide bespoke quotes tailor-made to your requirements.

Do you need a coffee vending machine?

Logic Vending

Best for customer approval ratings

Logic Vending is the leading vending machine supplier in the UK. Catering to the entire length of the country, it offers coffee machine rental leases at reasonable prices. Logic Vending also provides a fully managed solution, to take the hassle out of vending machine maintenance. Oh, and it’s very highly reviewed by its customers, too!

Customers say…

The best supply company I've come across since I started out in business. [Logic Vending] really sorted us out with our coffee machine. There were enough beans for a good few months, along with take-out cups, stirrers, and syrups, which help us offer a better product range – and increase our profit margins.

“I would definitely recommend this company for small businesses and larger independent companies looking to expand.”

  • Thomas, Logic Vending customer


  • Strong customer support
  • Delicious coffee (try the Rwanda medium roast!)


  • Vending machine cleaning products are expensive

Express Vending

Best for a bespoke coffee vending machine solution

Express Vending provides a tailored service that’s entirely flexible to your business’ needs. It’s also the most forward-thinking vending machine supplier in the UK, providing an unmanned, touchscreen ‘microhub’. This classy coffee vending machine speeds up self-service, and rejuvenates your workplace with its modern look and feel.

Customers say…

My experience with Express Vending was absolutely excellent from start to finish. Maddy and Anna came to speak with me in person and I felt that they were really invested in our needs, and committed to helping me get the best solution. 

“The paperwork, installation, and ordering was super simple and efficient, which was a big plus for me. [Express Vending] provided great customer service all round – we are so happy with our new machine, and the team is very grateful! Thank you!”

  • Sam, Express Vending customer


  • Its 98% customer retention rate speaks volumes…
  • does its cabinet of awards, including ‘Operator of the Year’ at the 2017 Vending Industry Awards


  • This vending machine supplier’s cup prices are more expensive than others


Best for its wide range of coffee vending machines

Caffeica is a vending machine supplier suitable for businesses of all sizes. Whether you need a tabletop coffee maker for the staffroom, or a floor-standing vending machine for a large office, Caffeica has a solution for you.

There’s a tasty selection of brands on offer, too. From the Westomatic Encore to the N&W Melodia, Caffeica’s vending machines will be music to your ears.

Customers say…

[Caffeica always provides] excellent service and care. Great machines, too!”

  • Hylton, Caffeica customer


  • Caffeica’s vending machine solutions are industry-specific...
  • ...and it keeps all services in-house


  • Vending machine rental rates aren’t transparent
Do you need a coffee vending machine?


Best for cheapest coffee machine rental rates

Kafevend is the best coffee vending machine supplier if you’re looking to grab a deal, or benefit from competitive rates. As well as the cheapest vending machine prices around (from as low as 90p per day), installation and delivery come at no cost. Kafevend will also service your machine free of charge for the first three years, making maintenance of your vending machine as smooth as you like your coffee to be.

Customers say…

“[Kafevend provides a] very good service. Polite delivery driver every time. Office staff are also very professional and polite. Delivery mostly on time. Overall, I’m very pleased to be working with this supplier.”

  • Simon, Kafevend customer


  • Mostly positive reviews online
  • Offers free training to get your vending machine set up


  • Customer service is lacking when compared to other vending machine suppliers (despite what Simon says)

GEM Vending

Best for exceptional customer service

GEM Vending offers coffee vending machine rental with a distinctly personal touch. Catering exclusively to the East Midlands and South Yorkshire, GEM vending prides itself on highly responsive service, delivered by local experts. As well as boasting the best technical engineers in the industry, GEM Vending uses only UK-based manufacturers and stocks only sustainable, healthy products.

Customers say…

“GEM Vending is certainly a caring, consumer-focused company. It shows a real determination to stand out from the crowd, and enhance the consumer experience.”

  •  Just Peel Group, GEM Vending customer


  • Provides healthier vending machine options perfect for schools and hospitals
  • Fully managed service available 24/7, 365 days per year


  • Only services businesses in the Greater East Midlands and South Yorkshire

Next steps

Renting a coffee vending machine for your office is a no-brainer. Hot, fresh coffee on demand for your employees, a little cash lining your pockets, and year-round maintenance delivered by a team of professionals – what’s not to like? Plus, now that you know what the best vending machine suppliers are, it’s much easier to choose the right one for your workspace.

If customer service is your priority, go for GEM Vending or Logic Vending. If you’d prefer to browse a more diverse selection of coffee vending machines, choose Caffeica or Express Vending. And, if you’re just looking for the cheapest vending machines on the market, make Kafevend your selection. 

However, if it’s still a case of too many vending machine suppliers, too little time, then let us help. Simply complete our form with a few brief details about your business, and the kind of coffee vending machine you’d like gracing your workplace.

Then, we’ll match you with vending machine suppliers that fit your requirements. They’ll provide you with quotes tailored to your industry, workforce size, and the specific coffee vending machine solution you require. Oh, and the whole process takes less than a minute – and is totally, 100% free. Take the plunge and give it a go today!


What kind of coffee vending machine should I rent?

If you run a large office, renting a bean-to-cup coffee machine is the best thing you can do for it. Bean-to-cup vending machines are efficient, user-friendly, and simplify employee self-service. 

Man getting coffee from a vending machine

Has there ever bean a quicker way of getting a fresh cup?

A commercial espresso machine, however, is better for coffee shops and cafes. It allows you to produce high-quality, barista-grade coffee at speed, while keeping costs to a minimum.

How long is a typical coffee vending machine rental contract?

A standard vending machine rental contract is for between three and five years. Short-term agreements are available, but tend to come with higher ongoing fees.

Can I maintain the coffee vending machine myself?

Yes, you can maintain your vending machine yourself if you choose. Cleaning the machine, emptying the bin, and performing basic maintenance are all simple tasks you can perform in-house. 

However, if you elect to rent a coffee machine on a fully managed contract, your vending machine supplier will take care of all that maintenance for you. That will add to the vending machine’s cost, but provide the ultimate level of convenience.


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