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Commercial Coffee Machines

Is it best to buy or Lease a Commercial Coffee Machine?

Having a coffee machine in your office or business can be a major asset and it is therefore necessary to ensure that you choose the correct machine for your needs. Because of the price of commercial coffee machines most companies lease a machine rather than buy one as that is the most cost-effective way.

By leasing a machine you are able to ensure that your business always has the most up to date model of machine as it can be changed at the end of the lease. You also have the choice of how long you want the lease to run, normally between twelve and thirty six months without needing to make any upfront investment. When a coffee machine is leased the cost of the machine is spread over its estimated working life.

What range of Drinks is available from these Machines?

A wide variety of businesses from offices to hair and beauty salons and from sports clubs to garages have leased machines on their premises. It is therefore necessary for the machines to provide a choice of hot drinks including coffee, tea and hot chocolate that taste good. Amongst the best machines are those that give a choice of how the drinks are served such as black, white or latte and offer coffee made from freshly ground coffee beans.

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What costs are included in the Lease?

When you choose the supplier of your machine, the most cost effective leases can be obtained from suppliers who work with major leasing companies. By obtaining your machine in this manner you can ensure that the drinks on offer are from an established brand. Leases are usually paid monthly and your company can offset the full cost against corporation tax so that all costs are taken off of the businesses taxable profits. Some leases also provide the opportunity to include all labour and parts costs in the monthly amount.

Is there anything else to consider?

Deciding on where your machine will be located is important as it will ideally need to have an available supply of fresh water. If this is not possible, then there are some machines that have their own water supply. A further important point is to consider the number of people that will use the machine at the busiest times of the day as your choice will be then need to be influenced by the number of cups the machine can dispense in an hour.

Choosing a machine that dispenses drinks quickly and easily, only needs to have its ingredients replenished once a day and be cleaned once a week is ideal.