Coin Operated Coffee Vending Machine Prices

This article will give an overview of costs for coffee vending machines, and offer some top suppliers in the UK for coin operated coffee vending machines.

Coffee Vending Machines

Operating and maintaining a coffee vending machine can become costly for businesses wanting to provide a convenient and easy to use service for employees and customers, especially for high volume workplaces. Coin operated machines are therefore an ideal solution for businesses that need to control costs, and if managed correctly, can be a good way to generate extra income while still providing an affordable service to the people that use it.

Need Coffee Machines?

Espresso Essential

Based in South Gloucestershire, Espresso Essential was established in 2004. They take pride in the quality of their products and services, as well as on their machines, which can be relied upon to perform exceptionally.

Coin operated bean-to-cup machines:

  • Works with coins or tokens, and economical to run
  • A system proven to pay for itself 4x over
  • Locked safe provided for ensured security
  • Meter reading provided so managers can keep track of how much has been sold
  • All consumables are measured, so no wastage
  • In use at cafes and coffee shops; sandwich bars, hair and beauty salons, and convenience stores
  • 5 different models available, from table top to floor-standing options, depending on the dispense capability and drink selection options required
  • Options to lease from £23 per week

Pioneer Vending

A leading vending machine supplier with specialty coffee machines available throughout the country, with options to suit a variety of different business needs.

Coffee machines include:

  • The Genesis: Instant or bean-to-cup machines that have a 230 cup capacity. Built in flush facilities maintain hygiene, and all components can be easily removed for routine cleaning. Weekly lease rental from £12 per week for instant machines, and £15.68 per week for bean-to-cup
  • The Sienna: Table-top; with 11 drinks selections; rentals from £8.55 per week
  • The Venetian: Table-top; with 14 drink selections; rentals from £10.25 per week
  • The Roma Bean-to-cup: Table top; with 14 selections; rentals from £12.85 per week

All of the above machines can be fitted with coin mechanism as an optional extra:

  • Electronic coin mechanism: Approx. £0.95 per week for machines leased on a 5 year contract
  • Change giving Coin Mechanism: Approx. £2.65 per week for machines leased on a 5 year contract

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