Cheapest Vending Machine Hire for Hot Drinks

By Lucy Crossfield | Editor | Published: 30 August 2013

This article will review some of the best and cheapest suppliers of hot drinks vending machines in the UK.

Cheapest Vending Machine Hire

Hot drinks machines are an inexpensive way to look after staff and visitors, and with such a range of shapes and sizes on the market, there is sure to be one suitable for your business. Hiring a vending machine need not be expensive – one of the suppliers listed below even offers a ‘no cost’ scheme based on minimum usage levels.

Take a look at these hot drinks machine distributors to see if one would fit the bill for your business.

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Vend Trade

Vend Trade supply new and used hot drink vending machines to businesses throughout the UK. Their tagline ‘Making Vending Affordable’ attracts companies looking for a cost-effective, practical way to provide hot drinks for their staff.

Free standing refurbished machines are offered on a hire or lease basis so that businesses can spread the cost. Vend Trade showcase a special offer each month, and also provide free delivery on selected machines in addition to useful maintenance packages that minimise long-term costs.

Vend Trade engineers carry out the refurbishments and pride themselves on high quality results. Makes of machines supplied include Crane, Klix, and Westomatic.

MAPP Vending Ltd

Based in the north-west, MAPP Vending delivers hot drinks machines throughout the UK. New machines can be leased over a period of 3 or 5 years to spread the cost, and the company also offer a wide range of reconditioned machines for hire using a 2-year contract.

Rentals start at £12.50 per week (excluding VAT) for a table top machine, and this price includes delivery, installation, service call-outs, parts and labour.

A range of established brands including Stentorfield are supplied by the company, and businesses can also buy vending ingredients from their website. Full size, free-standing hot drinks machines are available from £15.50 per week (excluding VAT), and these operate using leaf tea and ground coffee beans.


Vendoking offer a free trial on all their hot drinks machines. This gives businesses confidence that the machine will fully meet their needs. Machines for hire include National Vendors and Stentorfield, and the company takes time to fully understand business requirements before providing advice and guidance.

If space in the office is limited, Vendoking have a range of table top drinks machines that provide a space and cost-saving alternative, without compromising on quality. Simple push button operation and easy cleaning are just 2 benefits of these machines which are very popular in smaller offices.


An alternative approach to hiring hot drinks machines has been taken by this company, with their ‘cost-free’ options. The scheme is based on a pre-agreed minimum weekly usage level, which if not reached, incurs a charge.

This is a cost-effective way for companies of all sizes to use a hot drinks machine without upfront or weekly costs. Judging how often the machine will be used by staff and customers, however, is key to success with this scheme.

Gem Vending

A range of table top and free standing hot drinks machines are available to hire from Gem Vending, including Kenco, Crane, and Neva, offering fresh coffee and leaf tea. Table top machines are particularly suited to smaller offices with a few members of staff and regular visitors, and businesses can opt for a free trial before committing to hire.

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