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Cafe Coffee Day Vending Machine Review

This review looks at Café Coffee Day as a company and the coffee vending machine offerings they produce.

About Café Coffee Day

The company has an especially long history in coffee growing, blending and exporting, and traces its origins as far back as 1870.

It is a trading arm of India’s biggest coffee producer, the Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Company Limited (ABCTCL), but universally known as Coffee Day. It maintains a network of coffee estates and is in partnership with some 11,000 small coffee growers.

Café Coffee Day Vending Machine

Café Coffee Day’s single offering when it comes to vending machines is called the Celesta. It is a relatively small, counter-top machine but nevertheless described by the manufacturer as being suitable for office and commercial use.

The machine is designed to serve gourmet coffees, such as lattes, cappuccinos and espressos, but can also be used to dispense teas, soups, hot chocolate, badam and badam-pista also made under the Café Coffee Day brand name.

The compact Celesta weighs just 45kg and measures 860mm x 290mm x 630mm. It has a boiler capacity of 3.2 litres and the height between dispenser and drip tray can be adjusted to accommodate cups of various sizes.

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Vending Machine Prices

Café Coffee Day does not publish the price of its Celesta vending machine but invites potential customers to complete an online enquiry form, email them or telephone.

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