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Best Hot Drinks Vending Machines for Offices

This article will explain some of the factors to keep in mind when deciding on the best hot drinks vending machine for your business.

Hot Drink Vending Machine Overview

A hot drink vending machine can be a perfect solution to service the needs of a busy office. In order for your staff to perform to their optimum, drink breaks are essential for their refreshment and well being. It can be difficult to predict everyone's favourite flavour, so a vending machine offering a range of options can be the answer.

Vending machines vary in size, from the compact machine sitting comfortably on an office worktop in the smaller office, to a large free standing machine designed to serve a whole floor.

A vending machine with a varied selection can cater for a large number of people and their changing needs. A change of season, temperature or even mood can often result in changing tastes and a greater or lesser demand for a particular product.

Find the best hot drink vending machine for your office with Expert Market.

Important Factors for the Best Service

You should always ensure contact details for the supplier of your vending machine are up to date and you are aware of the level of service provided by your provider, both inside and outside your normal working day. Check if they offer any on-line support, such as troubleshooting guidance, if something should go wrong.

Reliability is vitally important. When choosing your supplier, carry out your own research. Look how they compare with their competitors. Read testimonials and review written by other users.


Think about the number of people your machine will need to service. If you miscalculate, this could mean your machine constantly needs to be refilled. Re-ordering supplies and constantly refilling the machine could waste valuable time and end up costing you more. A constantly empty machine will cause frustration amongst staff, which can have a detrimental impact on their work.

When judging capacity (i.e. the number of cups the machine holds when it is full), you need to calculate the number of staff, potential number of drinks per day and if a charge is made for the drinks or not. If drinks are funded by the company, a higher number per day are generally consumed. You should ensure you machine can last at least a couple of days before it needs refilling


Modern machines are able to supply an array of flavours to tempt your taste buds such as freshly ground coffee, latte, cappuccino, espresso, herbal teas and wonderfully flavoursome soups. Generally, the more exotic the flavours, the more expensive the cost.

Some suppliers are tied to a particular brand so this could potentially limit the choices that are available.

Find the best hot drink vending machine for your company with Expert Market.

Cost to the Consumer And Company

Consider the method of payment you would like your machine to accept. Some accept cash and cards, whilst others work with tokens. Alternatively, you may wish to cover the entire cost by offering free vending.

A hot drink vending machine can be bought outright, although this can work out expensive. Other options are to rent/lease a machine or pay per cup. A leasing agreement generally works by paying a fixed monthly fee and a charge per drink served. The cost of maintenance is usually included, although the contract means you need to remain with the same supplier for a fixed term.

Think about usage before choosing a pay-per-cup option, as although the machine is provided free, the cost per cup is likely to be more expensive than when the machine is leased.