Best Filter Coffee Machines

By Lucy Crossfield | Editor | Published: 30 April 2012

Filter Coffee Machines

Coffee is best served freshly brewed and filter coffee machines offer the simplest way for you to do this. They generally allow you to keep the coffee heated, ensuring you have a constant supply of fresh coffee available, but without losing any of that all-important flavour.

The process by which filter coffee machines work is fairly straightforward and, depending on the features you require, models can be purchased quite cheaply.

Features that are available include:

  • programmable timers
  • differing capacity
  • anti drip spouts
  • hotplates
  • dishwasher proof jugs
  • self cleaning filters
  • digital clock and display

The best filter coffee machine is likely to be a personal choice based on your budget and your desired features.

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Budget Filter Coffee Machines

Basic filter coffee machines can be purchased for under forty pounds, with models such as the Logic L12FCB10 Filter Coffee Maker starting form as little as fourteen pounds.

This coffee maker has a ten cup capacity with a glass carafe and digital display as well as a timer, a keep warm function and a drip tray. The product comes with a one year guarantee which makes it a popular no frills filter coffee maker for those on a low budget.

Another popular budget option is the Dunhelm Mill Filter Coffee Maker in black which offers a conical shaped glass carafe, designed to keep the coffee heated for longer whilst maintaining freshness. This model comes with a two year guarantee and prices start from around sixteen to twenty pounds.

Mid Range Filter Coffee Machines

For between fifty and a hundred pounds, there are a number of different filter coffee machines available.

One of the advantages of choosing models in this price range is that they often come with a higher design specification, making them an attractive feature in your office or kitchen.

Long established and ever reputable kitchen appliance manufacturers, Kenwood sell high quality filter coffee machines in this mid range.

Their products include the Kenwood kMix Filter Coffee Maker, available in several finishes including cream, red and black. The machine is cast from aluminium, ensuring high levels of durability.

For maximum flavour, filter coffee should be brewed for no longer than six minutes at a temperature of between ninety two and ninety six degrees centigrade. Kenwood have designed their kMix Filter Coffee Maker with this in mind, thus promising – and delivering – an ideal cup of coffee every time.

The product has a six cup capacity and a number of helpful features. These include a sure grip handle, meaning the risk of spillage is reduced, and the option to use permanent or paper filters. The latter does involve ongoing costs, but without the tendency to taint that the former exhibits.

The Kenwood kMix range generally costs between sixty to eighty pounds, depending on the supplier, so shopping around can allow you to obtain a significant discount on the purchase price.

If you are purchasing the machine online, then remember to factor in the delivery costs to calculate the total price correctly.

High End Filter Coffee Machines

At the top end of the filter coffee machine market, there are a number of coffee makers which offer a high specification along with attractive design features, making them a feature to be proud of.

One of the best models available is the DeLonghi Espresso Coffee Maker, model number BCO 410. This is a combination coffee maker which is perfect for making both espressos and filter coffee, thereby offering users a real choice.

It has a large ten cup capacity, a front loading system, meaning the water can be topped up without the machine having to be moved, and an anti drip system as well as a removable drip tray.

The machine includes a water filtration system with an effective anti chlorine filtration cartridge, meaning the water is purified to a much higher level than standard tap water.

The espresso section of the machine works with ground coffee and ESE pods and can be used for making cappuccinos as well as espressos. It also has a milk heating attachment, so users can have their milk hot or cold to suit their own personal preference.

The DeLonghi Espresso Coffee Maker BC0 410 is one of the most comprehensive filter coffee machines available.

It has all possible features, a stylish modern design and the reassurance of being manufactured by one of the most well known coffee machine providers in the UK. This combination machine can be purchased from around one hundred and fifty pounds inclusive of VAT.

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