How Much Does A CMS System Cost?

What is a CMS?

A content management system is a program that is integrated to your website to allow you to make changes to that site. You need one of these if you own a website as the CMS is there for you to make the changes to your site yourself, and not by the web design company.

If you have to go back to your original web design company every time that you need to make a change to your site it will become very costly over time.

Most companies only charge around £25 per maintenance but over the course of a year this will add up dramatically. So every time you need to make a change to your site whether if this is to add, delete or simply change the information then you can do so easily with a CMS.

A CMS is designed to be easy to use and anyone with basic internet and word processing skills should be able to deal with one with ease. The CMS will be user name and password protected so only you, to owner of the site, can gain access to it. Make sure when purchasing a CMS that the security of it is of a very high standard. A hacker can ruin a site in seconds if they gain access via your CMS.

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How Much Do They Cost?

The price that a CMS will cost you will depend on many factors such as what you need the CMS to do and how large your website is. Some web design companies offer a CMS as part of their web design package cost. Others will add £100-£150 on top of the design cost to add a CMS.

It is a good idea to get your CMS from the web design company as they can then integrate it into your site as the site is being built. Generally buying in this way works out a lot cheaper.

Buying a CMS after your web site is already up and running can cost anything from £400. Some companies charge for a CMS depending on how many pages your site includes. Small sites of one or two pages can still integrate a CMS to their website for as little as £150. However, a really large website of 250 pages or more could mean that a CMS can cost £2000 or more.

Using A CMS

Once you have your CMS fully integrated to your website then you can start to make changes to the content of your site. A CMS is therefore very important if you are going to be making regular updates and changes to. When you first start using the CMS do not get too carried away and make too many changes. Leave the main part of the site as the web designer intended it.

They are the professionals who have designed your site to look a certain way so that it is user friendly and professional. Making too many changes to the fonts and layout can make a site look extremely unprofessional and this in turn will put users off visiting your site in the future. Make only the changes that you feel are necessary such as removing date that is no longer applicable and adding new data to the site.

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