The Best Business Energy Brokers

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Looking to power your business with an affordable energy tariff? These brokers can help you find the best deal possible…

Unless you want your employees to work by candlelight, swaddled in blankets for warmth, the need to fork out for business energy is just a fact of running a business premises – whether its an office, shop, restaurant, garage, or anything in between.

But with so many options at your fingertips – at the moment, there are over 50 business energy suppliers active in the UK – rooting out the best supplier with the most affordable tariff for your needs can seem a mammoth task.

That’s where business energy brokers come in. The middleman between your business and your potential energy suppliers, brokers seek out and negotiate the most suitable energy deals around – so you don’t have to.

This, of course, begs an equally pertinent question: Which business energy broker should I choose to work with? Well, by reviewing four of the top business energy brokers in the UK, we aim to make this decision a bit easier for you.

The best business energy brokers

The best business energy brokers are:

Love Energy Savings

Best for quick and convenient quotes

As its name might suggest, Love Energy Savings is big on helping businesses save as much money as possible – in fact, it says it’ll save a typical customer 40% on energy costs. Active since 2007, the company has helped over 200,000 businesses to switch, with thousands leaving five-star reviews in response – praising, in particular, the company’s customer service. Having built strong relationships with energy suppliers (including the ‘big six’ – British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, npower, Scottish Power and SSE), Love Energy Savings can get you quotes in seconds, without having to speak to a rep first. You’ll just need to enter your postcode and some information about your business’ energy habits into an online form, and hey presto!


  • Impressive TrustScore of 9.5
  • Friendly and fast customer service, with your own account manager
  • Existing customers can access exclusive offers
  • Promises to give you £1,000 if it can’t beat your initial supplier renewal quote
  • Independent and impartial


  • Some customers report receiving a lot of cold calls
  • Works with 18 different suppliers – fewer than the others on this list

Power Solutions

Best for boosting your energy efficiency

Alongside finding you great deals, Power Solutions has a particular focus on helping you raise your energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint. The company can advise on measures like insulation, heat pumps, and voltage optimisation, and provides a ‘smart monitoring dashboard’ that lets you easily keep track of your energy consumption. Power Solutions provides an end-to-end service, from seeking out deals to installation and accreditation. Plus, it has plenty of experience in matching businesses with affordable renewable energy plans, too – what’s not to like about that?


  • Particular focus on helping you boost energy efficiency
  • You can freeze your rate for up to five years
  • Friendly and professional customer service
  • Works with 24 different suppliers
  • Independent and impartial


  • Has a lower TrustScore of 7.7, with far fewer customer reviews to help you make your decision

Compare business energy prices

Smarter Business

Best for stellar customer service

As well as matching you up with the best energy supplier for you, Smarter Business says it can also advise SMEs on services like smart metering and invoice validation, and help you set up an ongoing strategy to monitor and minimise your energy use. The initial cost savings are there, too – like Love Energy Savings, Smarter Business says it saves customers an average of 40% on energy prices. However, if the online reviews are anything to go by, the shining stars of Smarter Business are its account managers, with countless customers singling out their manager by name and singing his/her praises. Promising stuff!


  • Excellent customer service, with your own account manager
  • Focus on helping you boost energy efficiency
  • TrustScore of 9.1
  • Works with 27 different suppliers
  • Independent and impartial


  • Some customers report being given conflicting information


Best for personalised deals

A giant of an energy broker, Inenco is all about bespoke solutions. The company negotiates and builds custom energy packages that are designed to suit each business’ needs exactly. It’s an approach that’s proved popular: Inenco currently has £2.4bn worth of energy under management, which equates to one quarter of the total energy use by UK industry. Plus, Inenco says it saves the average business 48% on gas, and has recovered £11m in overcharges for its customers in the past year. While it’s not clear how many suppliers this broker works with, the names you’d expect are there – including the ‘big six’.


  • Can help you find renewable energy only tariffs
  • You get your own dedicated energy expert
  • Has a dedicated complaints process that ensures all issues are investigated fairly
  • One of just two companies to have been named a Platinum Accredited Quality Compliance Partner by Total Gas & Power
  • Independent and impartial


  • Has very few online customer reviews to help you make your decision

Expert verdict

There’s no single business energy broker that’ll be best for absolutely everyone – rather, you’ll need to choose a broker based on your business’ needs and your own priorities.

If you’d love to be presented with a sample of suitable quotes straight away, Love Energy Savings could be the right choice. If you’re keen to boost your energy efficiency and reduce your carbon footprint, it may be that Power Solutions is best placed to help you.

If you’d like the reliability and reassurance of having a committed account manager on hand, look into Smarter Business. If you’ve got somewhat unique needs and are looking for energy tariffs that can be tailored to them, Inenco could be the broker for you.

Of course, we at Expert Market can also help with your decision – and get you access to custom energy quotes right away. Just provide us with a few details about your business via the form at the top of this page, and you’ll receive quotes directly from the brokers that can best help you. This process is fast, free and easy – why not give it a go?


What is a business energy broker?

Put simply, a business energy broker acts as an intermediary between your business and the companies that supply business energy. Brokers scour the market to find the best possible business energy deal for you, based on your requirements. Usually, they’ll negotiate with suppliers in order to bring your energy costs down even more.

Why should I use a business energy broker?

There are several reasons you might choose to use a business energy broker:

  1. Cost savings. Because brokers form strong relationships with energy suppliers, they’re able to negotiate with them on your behalf and secure low, low prices you simply wouldn’t be offered if you approached the supplier yourself.
  2. Time savings. All you need to do is tell your broker what your business needs, and it’ll go out there and find, negotiate, and compare the best quotes for you. The alternative? Sinking hours into researching suppliers, comparing prices, filling in forms, speaking to representatives, and desperately trying to secure a low price that isn’t forthcoming.
  3. Additional support. While the primary purpose of a broker is to secure you an excellent deal, many also provide additional services. These can include teaching you how to effectively monitor your energy use, or helping you to implement strategies for boosting your business’ energy efficiency.

What are the best business energy suppliers?

If you’d like to learn a little more about the energy suppliers available to you – including which ones we rank as the best – before joining forces with a broker, reading our thorough guide to the best business energy suppliers in the UK is a surefire way to get yourself informed.

If you run a start-up or a small business, and would like to know more about suppliers that can provide for your unique needs to an excellent standard (as well as what we believe you should look out for in a supplier), check out our guide to the best energy suppliers for small businesses.

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