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What’s New in Photocopiers & 3D Printing for 2015

Gone are the days when staff stood around a photocopier, waiting for their stuff to print. Workers want to get things done – quickly and easily. Hence the advent of smaller, faster and more efficient, multi-functional machines.

Blue Scanner

A report by ReportLinker estimated that by 2015, the world printing machinery and supplies industry will exceed $21 billion (that is around £13 billion). This is due to the huge growth in technology which is fuelling the copying and printing industry to produce machines that are:

  • Multi-functional (multi-function devices – MFD - are office machines that incorporate the functionalities of multiple devices into one such as scanning, copying and faxing – plus much more)
  • Smaller in terms of size, but with faster and greater capabilities
  • Able to offer centralised document management, distribution and production
  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Operated even without a PC
  • Capable of producing quality materials such as company brochures
  • Accessible via a Cloud – so can include storage and document sharing etc.

So, what does 2015 hold for 3D printers and photocopiers being used within businesses?

Here are some of the latest developments from a variety of the big names in the industry. And while several of these new designs and concepts may appear very high-tech for some of us, surely by this time next year some of you will have at least one of these exciting new pieces of hardware in our office.

Samsung Innovations

In September, Samsung announced the launch of four “concept” printers, designed for the home and office, as well as the mobile printing trend. They are available in a number of colours, are eco-friendly and space saving.

Here is a snapshot of these award-winning* concepts:

  1. Vase

  2. Vase Samsung Printer
    Vase is a space saving mono laser printer and looks like – you’ve guessed it – a vase. You can feed the paper vertically, thereby saving space. It comes in neutral colours so that it can fit in to any room without looking out of place.

  3. The Egg Tray
  4. The Egg Tray Cartridge Samsung
    The Egg Tray is an eco-friendly toner cartridge package that is created with fully recyclable paper. This not only reduces material costs, but is very environmentally friendly.

  5. One & One
  6. One&One Samsung Printer
    One & One is a mono laser printer with a hybrid design that prints in two different colours. The two cartridges enable users to print in cyan, magenta, or yellow to complement the standard black toner.

  7. Mate
  8. Samsung Mate Printer
    Mate is a mono laser printer, meaning users can change the colour of the device according to their décor via customisable colour plates.

Printers Powered By Android

In September, the European marketplace also saw the launch of Samsung’s printer powered by Android – the first of its kind in the world.

Samsung Android Printer

The range of ten printers in the new Smart MultiXpress series gives users the ability to:

  • Print without a PC – each printer features a 10.1-inch full touchscreen panel enabling users to search and print from emails, web browsers, images, maps, and other types of content – without the need to connect to a PC or server.
  • Preview documents, as well as editing and annotating capabilities via the touchscreen./
  • Customise and personalise using the same UX technology featured on Samsung’s Galaxy line of tablets and smartphones.
  • Enjoy a more tactile user experience via the industry’s first application of haptic technology.
  • Limitless printing app scalability – similar to smartphone technology.
  • Mobile connectivity via Samsung Cloud Print.

New Model from Xerox

Xerox Colour c60/c70 Printer
The new Xerox Colour C60/C70 Printer gives users a cost-efficient option for a broad range of printing needs, from promotional vinyl window stickers to corporate marketing brochures. This brings everything in-house and has the potential for huge cost savings.

Further benefits include:

  • Up to 75 pages per minute (ppm) in black and white, 70 ppm in colour.
  • The ability to customise applications.
  • The ability to print on linen (so great for printing greetings cards etc).
  • Pre-programmed workflow solutions for job security, job accounting, monitoring and tracking.

Panasonic’s Mobile Printers

Panasonic Mobile Printer

Panasonic’s Toughbook range of mobile printers are robust, designed to be both sturdy (so able to withstand the rigors of outdoor working environments) yet still compact enough for a number of versatile uses.

They are so light they can even be worn on a belt – ideal for mobile ticketing.

Benefits include:

  • Resistant to drops from a height of 1 metre or 1.5 metres, depending on the particular model
  • Feature wireless Bluetooth and IrDA connectivity, and are designed to be compact, lightweight and wearable
  • Easy to configure with a variety of mobile devices

For Larger Businesses with an In-house Print Team

Ricoh Cut Sheet Digital Printer

In early 2015, Ricoh is releasing two new cut sheet digital printers, which are designed for businesses wanting to get into digital production print.

The Pro C7100x series is aimed at companies that are looking to enter new digital print markets including graphic arts businesses, service bureaus, direct mailers, digital printers and in-house print centres.

Benefits include:

  • Boost returns on investment
  • Expand digital print services
  • Exceptional image quality
  • Fast turnaround times

Sharp Adds to Their Range

Sharp MX-C301W

Sharp has recently released their new Multi-function printer, the MX-C301W. This has been designed to meet the fast print, copy and scan needs of users and be the desktop device of choice for larger enterprises with a mixed deployment of A4 and A3 machines.

The new A4 MFP is among the smallest devices in its class, but still encompasses a lot of the features more commonly found in an A3 MFP.

Benefits include:

  • 4-in-1 functions (print, copy, scan and fax).
  • 3GB memory as standard and an internal 250GB hard drive for storing documents.
  • High security standards, including encrypted scanning and Follow Me printing, which holds documents until you’re ready to print them in private.
  • Efficiency. With a first copy out time of 7.4 seconds in colour and 6.3 seconds in black and white and a warm up time of just 18 seconds, it is ideal for busy workers.
  • Easy management of multiple jobs with a powerful 600 MHz controller and 3GB standard memory.
  • Wireless Access Point allows mobile devices that are not connected to a company network to access the MFP for ad-hoc printing or scanning.

3D Printing

Mcor 3D Printer

For those businesses who already own a Mcor IRIS 3D printer, now is the time to get their latest upgrade which promises:

  • Increased colour edge sharpness
  • An improved colour quality on objects printed with thin walls
  • A 10% reduction in the use of ink – meaning cost-savings

For those companies who don’t have a 3D printer, 2015 looks to be the year that you will decide to get one. With improved technology, lower running costs, increased affordability and the realm of what you can print from your device limitless (a fully functioning 3D car was recently printed in the US in just two days), it looks to be the future of printing.


In summary, these new developments in the printing and photocopying industry means that 2015 is going to be an exciting year for small and large businesses in terms of:

  • Cost savings (in terms of print procurement and print running costs).
  • Providing the ability to print your own promotional and marketing materials with a high class finish.
  • Being able to print when you want and where you want – even without a PC.
  • Productivity being taken to a whole new level with 3D printers.

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*2014 iF Design Award