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Could you be replaced by a robot? Most managers think so!

robot in the worplace

In light of recent developments in Artificial Intelligence and the news this month that a Volkswagen worker had been killed by a robot, Expert Market have conducted a survey with top level managers to see if they would replace their human staff with machines, and where they would draw the line with their new synthetic workforce. The results suggest that most people are quite comfortable with the idea of working alongside robots, and an overwhelming majority would actually prefer to replace themselves with a robot in order to have more free time!

A lot of managers were not overly worried about swapping their workforce for machines, as almost half of those asked (47%) said they would not feel guilty for hiring a machine over a human.

Respondents agreed that some creative jobs could not be performed by robots; PR, Marketing and Design were ruled as unsuitable for robots, whereas Office Manager, Finance and IT were all deemed appropriate for synthetic workers. Perhaps in order to stay ‘future proof’ it might be worth brushing up on those design skills!

The results showed that:

- 70% of managers asked would consider using a robot on their team

- Tasks they would assign to robots include admin, answering the phone, emailing and report writing

- Top benefits of having a robot staff member included not taking sick days, doing things to a consistent standard, and not having to worry that they would leave for another job

- The only concerns the managers had were that robots had no creativity and no emotional attachment to their work

- Only 15% of those asked were worried about robots taking over the world

- Most would prefer their robot to look like a machine (79%) and most found the idea of a human-looking robot disconcerting

- 68% said quite a lot of their own work could be done by a robot

- 56% said they would let a robot lookalike to do their job so they had more free time

- Jobs that most managers thought could be done by robots were Office Manager (52%) IT (44%) and Finance (28%) with most agreeing that creative jobs like PR, Design or the role of CEO could not be performed by a robot

- Almost half (47%) of managers would not feel bad hiring a robot over a human

• Expert Market surveyed over 200 respondents at a senior manager level earning over £26,000 per annum