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20 Great Productivity Apps to Keep You Organized and Focused

We can all agree that productivity is key to success in the workplace as well as in our own personal life. However, being productive can be a constant struggle that everyone I’m sure is familiar with. We can get distracted and lose focus on our work, and even frustratingly get side tracked from achieving our own personal goals.

Thankfully, there are smart app developers out there that can really understand and relate to the problems we face. They have created apps to make our work life that more manageable and stress free - from the ability to effectively organize your to-do-list, to making it more effective to collaborate with your colleagues on projects.

The folks at Adecco have kindly put together this great infographic that showcases a list of the best productivity apps available to download and get more productive! Stop procrastinating and get downloading!

20 Productivity Apps
(source: Adecco)