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Fun at Work Day

With the 28th January being Fun at Work Day it is an official reminder that the workplace can be a place where you can actually have FUN. We spend a large portion of our lives at work and quite frankly it would be an absolute shame to not even try to enjoy it.

Encouraging employees to have fun at work is something that can be perceived as a paradox, but when implemented can be something that can be rather positive for productivity and staff retention.

Balancing the drudgery and frustrations of a working week with time to blow off steam and have a laugh with fellow colleagues is something that can be appreciated by any employee.

Modern companies wanting to attract the best young talent - especially within the tech industry, have quickly acknowledged that being able to facilitate fun at work can be a valued incentive, and it has now become more of a staple within the HR to-do list.

At the Expert Market office we have constant reminders that there is always time for fun in the workplace. Below are a few things we like to get up to!

Table tennis

Table football

Playing video games

We work hard but we also deservedly play hard. In fact, we have been awarded 3 Stars by The Sunday Times Best Companies 2015 as an “outstanding” place to work. We've found that having happy workers really does reflect on the bottom line. Fun at work is pretty much win win.