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Should we stay or should we go: British workers on the question of Europe

The biggest issue facing the political leaders at next month’s General Election is Europe – should we remain part of it or have we outgrown it? Much of the media focus has been centred on what an exit from the EU would mean for competition for jobs and British businesses. But what do the workers from these organisations think?

We ran a survey with over 2,700 office workers to find out which political party they think has their back and the results were somewhat surprising.

When put in the prime minister’s hypothetical shoes, better employment remained the top priority with 36% of respondents claiming that the creation of more jobs would be their biggest concern if running for the election.

However, contrary to the frenzy about European immigrants ‘taking’ British jobs, most respondents believe it is fair for European jobseekers to work in the UK (57%) and that their European colleagues worked just as hard, or harder than UK born employees (90%).

An increased salary would be enough to sway more than a third of employees to a completely different party even if they disagreed with the rest of their manifesto.

As businesses become increasingly global in their operations, it stands to reason that offices have become multicultural and inclusive environments that welcome the important benefits provided by their European counterparts. In all of the debates over membership of the EU it is vital that businesses fly the flag for free and easy travel within Europe as this is arguably one of the biggest advantages that UK businesses have had to date.

Election biggest concern pie chart

Feelings on European workers pie chart

Workers from Europe fair? Pie chart

Promise of higher salaries pie chart