How Many Package Holidays Can You Buy With A Billionaire’s Budget?

As most people begin to plan their summer holidays by trawling through Thomas Cook brochures or spotting the best budget flights, the world’s richest are (probably) being lifted aboard their private jets and looking forward to gliding over to their private island for a month of decadence and relaxation.

This prompted Expert Market to ask: just how long would a normal person have to save to afford this level of luxury, and how many regular citizen holidays could you get for a week on, say, a Caribbean island? We calculated the cost of the top 10 billionaire’s holiday destinations and compared them with a 7 night package deal, including accommodation & flights for 2 guests, in Majorca during April 2017.

Billionaire holiday destinations ranked by lowest cost

Rank Name Net Worth Holiday Destination Holiday Cost Time Taken For Avg
Worker To Afford
Holiday Cost
Number Of Package
Holidays Cost
Equivalent To
1 Ken Griffin £5.2 bn Florida, US £20,520 9 months 9
2 Larry Ellison £33.0 bn Malibu, US £25,770 11 months 12
3 Bill Gates £52.7 bn Rancho Santa Fe, US £35,586 1 year 16
4 Mark Zuckerberg £30.8 bn Kauai, Hawaii £65,023 2 years 30
5 Roman Abramovich £5.5 bn Saint Barthélemy, West Indies £85,739 3 years 39
6 Michael Bloomberg £31.4 bn London, UK £91,088 3 years 41
7 Bernard Arnault £22.9 bn Courchevel, France £124,387 4 years 57
8 Richard Branson £3.7 bn Tamadot, Morocco £151,954 5 years 69
9 Yuri Milner £2.0 bn Los Altos Hills, US £162,292 6 years 74
10 Philip Green £4.1 bn Monte Carlo, Monaco £600,000 21 years 273

Overreaching across the pond

Holidaying on Florida’s Miami Beach like Citadel founder Ken Griffin offers the cheapest option for those looking for a billionaire getaway. However, chartering a private jet for a true billionaire experience bumps this break to £20,520, the same as nine package holidays to Majorca.

Mega Costs for Luxury Yachts

Unwinding aboard a private yacht like Topshop tycoon Sir Philip Green costs a staggering £600,000, a sum that would cover 273 package holidays/ and take the average worker over two decades to earn.

Budget is Best

While billionaire breaks may be a dream come true for some, we can’t help but wonder if the eye watering cost of exclusivity is really worth all that dosh, particularly when a package holiday can offer the same sun as the most luxurious hideaway. When it comes to getting some R&R, what more do you need than some sun, sea and a double flake 99? And who can forget the pre-holiday buzz?

There may not be caviar or champagne but opting for a package deal means that you can swagger out of work after setting your out of office 273 times, and we all know that is worth far more than any trip on a fancy boat.