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Rob Binns

Senior Writer

Rob Binns has been writing for Expert Market for two and a half years. After graduating with an Honours degree in Criminology from his native Wellington, New Zealand, Rob’s lust for language led him to his now insatiable appetite for finance and figures.

As resident merchant accounts expert, Rob’s flirtation with the payments industry started the day he realised he could pay for things with his iPhone. The romance blossomed, as did his portfolio; his expertise has caught the eye of sites such as Yahoo! Finance, London Loves Business, and Essential Retail.

Rob brings to the team industry-specific expertise in CRM software, invoice finance, ecommerce fulfilment, and bad puns. Whether he’s scrutinising the attention span of a millennial, musing over the future of blockchain, or foretelling the extinction of high street ATMs, Rob is happiest when writing to empower and inform small businesses.

When Rob isn’t unpacking what the latest contactless trends mean for your SME, he can be found out in the field; social distancing, and attending virtual industry events and conferences (thanks to a certain pandemic, the most recent in-person one was PayExpo 2019). He’s also been a resident writer on sites such as Startups and The Eco Experts, and contributes to the SAP community.

In his spare moments, you’ll find him in the nearest sunny spot – with existentialist literature in one hand and a cold beer in the other. On cooler days he cycles, or shamelessly shares runs on Strava.

And on rainy days, you might catch him wiping down surfaces at the gym. One day he’ll be able to do a one-handed push up.

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